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Practice mode stage select
Highlight "Practice mode" at the main menu. Hold [L2] and press [R2] the indicated number of times to select the corresponding stage.

StageR2 presses
Law (new)1
Yoshimitsu (light snow)2
Ling 3
School Stage (evening)7
Jin (evening)8
Nina (daytime)9
Eddy (sunset)10
Eddy (daytime)13
Law (old)15
School Stage (daytime)16
Jin (daytime)17
Nina (nighttime)18
Yoshimitsu (heavy snow)19

Start match with second character selected
Hold "Tag" and press [Start].

Gallery mode
Unlock Devil and Angel to access gallery mode.

Tekken Bowl mode: Hit Dr. Bostonovitch
Aim at Dr. Bostonovitch at the left hand side of your screen and bowl into him. You will knock him out, and the announcer will yell "K.O." To make this easier, choose a robot fighter and use its ability to aim to your advantage.

While playing Tekken Bowl, use a human and move all the way to the right. Then, aim all the way to the right, and at any speed, shoot. When the ball hits him, an arrow appears with "K.O." besides it. "CAUTION: Do Not Try This At Home" will also appear at the bottom of the screen.

Tekken Bowl mode: Over-charge strike
If you over-charge your ball and cause a strike, like a strike replay it will repeat the strike over. But if you get a strike while over-charged, it will repeat the strike approximately ten times over. Use any of the Jacks, True Ogre, or Ganryu to make this easier.

Tekken Bowl mode: Juke Box
Score more than 200 points in Tekken Bowl. Press [Start], select "Bowling Options", and choose a song.

Tekken Bowl mode: Fly with bowling ball
When bowling in Tekken Bowl, over-charge the speed to the top limit for bowling ball. Your character will roll with the bowling ball.

Tekken Bowl mode: Characters with crosshairs
The following characters have crosshairs in Tekken Bowl mode: Brian Fury, Yoshimitsu, Gun Jack, Jack-2, and P. Jack.

Tekken Bowl mode: Synchronized dance
Select Alex or Roger, then select Panda or Kuma. Bowl a strike and they will do a synchronized dance.

Select anyone first, then choose either Tetsujin or Mokajin. If you get a strike, both will do the same dance.

Tekken Bowl mode: Upskirt
This trick works with any of the female characters that have a skirt costume. Julia and Xiaoyu work best with this trick. Select Julia with [Square], and Xiaoyu with [Start]. Your goal is to overcharge while bowling. To do so, max out your power gauge. It will say "Overcharge" and your character will hold onto the ball when they slide down the alley. You will be able to see Xiaoyu's underwear, or what appears to be a thong for Julia.

Theater mode
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode under any difficulty setting once to unlock Theater mode. This allows the FMV sequences to be viewed.

Ultra hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting. After you defeat Unknown, the Ultra Hard difficulty setting will be unlocked in the options menu.

Pair Play mode
Press [Left] at the main Tekken Tag Tournament screen (where you select the game mode). This mode allows you to have a controller two tag partner or controller two opponent with his/her partner.

Secret characters
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode various times under any difficulty setting to unlock a secret character, which will appear in the following order:
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel
Fight as Angel
Complete arcade until Devil is unlocked. Then, highlight Devil and press [Start] at the character selection screen.

Fight as Heihachi
Complete arcade mode under the normal difficulty setting with two rounds, without losing any rounds, in less than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

Unlocked Tetsujin and/or Unknown. Select arcade mode, then scroll down the character list to the bottom left corner (Wang). Press [Left] and will appear and can be selected.
Standard throws
Left Throw: Press [Square] + [X].
Right Throw Press [Triangle] + [Circle].
Reverse a reversal
If the CPU reverses a Left Punch ([Square]) quickly press [Forward] + [Square] + [X].
If the CPU reverses a Right Punch ([Triangle]) quickly press [Forward] + [Triangle] + [Circle].
If the CPU reverses a Left Kick ([X]) quickly press [Forward] + [X] + [Square].
If the CPU reverses a Right Kick ([Circle]) quickly press [Forward] + [Circle] + [Triangle]
Devil and Kazuya: Cross-transformation
Get Kazuya and Devil into your tag team. When you have them tag, instead of running off the screen they will transform into one another. The bad side of this is that you cannot tag on the ground. However, if you are up close to your enemy, they will be thrown backwards, giving you time to change.

After you transform, the lightning will go for shorter than a second. The CPU opponent will know this is not part of the transformation, but some human opponents will not know. Press [1] + [2] as soon as you can after you transform to Devil.

Heihachi: Spank Lee
Enter arcade mode and unlock Lee. Then, play as Lee first and Heihachi second then wait for the fight to start. At the beginning, Heihachi should be spanking Lee.

Jack: Arms swing around
Select practice mode and choose freestyle. Select Devil or Angel as your character and Jack-2, P. Jack or Gun Jack as your opponent. Use one of the laser moves on the Jack and his arms will swing around three times. If you do this in arcade mode, stay away from Jack when he does this.

Jin: Easy win
Use his Triple Spin Kicks move. Then when they are down, use his Lightning Screw Uppercut move.

Jin and Jun: Easy win
Pair Jin with Jun and execute [Forward]x2, [Square], [X]. This cannot be done in bowling, obviously, but he will laugh after the move is successfully done.

Pair Jin with Jun and choose any battle mode (practice, arcade, etc.) except for bowling. Press [Forward]x2, [X], "Box". If this move is successful, he will laugh.

Kazuya: Easy win
Use his Triple Spin Kicks move. Then when they are down, use his Lightning Screw Uppercut move.

Jin: Omen move
Jin and Heihachi have to be partners. While playing as Jin, press [Back], [Triangle], [Square] (Lightning Power Shield). Then, while in that lightning power, press [Triangle]x2, [X]. An odd bit of lightning will appear over his body every so often.

King: Easier chain-link combos
"Buffering" is an extremely useful technique for pulling off some of his ridiculously difficult chain-link combos. This technique is done by holding down a button(s) in the current button combination if that same button(s) is used in the next combination while pressing any additional required buttons in the next combination. For example, if one of the combos requires you to press [Square] + [X], then [X] + [Circle], to "buffer" this combo press [Square] + [X], then while holding [X], press [Circle]. Also keep in mind you can buffer multiple buttons. It seems very complicated but it is much easier than it sounds and makes things incredibly easier. Try studying all of kings chain-link combos and you will notice you can "buffer" almost all of them at a certain point in many different ways. Another helpful hint is to program the four shoulder buttons with different button combos such as "LP" + "RP", "LK" + "RK", "LP" + "LK", and "RP" + "RK". You will notice that these combinations are the basis of almost all of his combos.

Law: Partner attack
When playing as Law have Lei or Howrang as your partner. When you are Law, press [Forward], [Triangle], [Square] and press "Tag" as soon as possible. Lei or Howrang will automatically run and do a Flying Drop Kick.

Law and Paul: Special attack
As Law, press [Forward], [Triangle], [Square] followed quickly with "Tag". When Paul enters, press [Triangle]x2. Paul will hit the enemy in the air and automatically tag out. When Law enters, press [Square] to hit the falling enemy.

Yoshimitsu: Easy win
Use his Sword Stab attack.

Xiaoyu: Looking around
Press [Circle] + [X] + [Square] while fighting as Xiaoyu.

99 hit combo in practice
Go to practice, highlight and select Yoshimitsu with [Triangle], Hwarong with [Square] (for you); then Eddy Gordo with [X], and Paul Phoenix with [X] as your enemies. When you go in you can pull off any hit combos, make sure your opponents do not fall over. If they do, the hit combo will stop counting and start over.

Fight longer and better
During a match against the CPU, try to keep some distance between you and your opponent. This gives the CPU opponent less chances to grapple and slam you to the ground. Keep a good distance and block as often as possible. Attack when you get the chance and get out of there as soon as possible. You may still lose but if you practice this technique you will win. Your battles will last a little longer so you may want to set the timer to infinite.

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