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Cheat mode
At the main menu, select "Stuntman Career," then select "New Game". Then, enter as any of the following case-sensitive names. Note: The flashing letter is not recognized until you lock it in.

All driving games, cars and toys
Enter "BindI" as a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu. Note: The last character is a upper-case "i". All driving games, cars, and toys will be unlocked. In the PAL version of the game, enter "BiNdErS" as a case-sensitive name.

All toys
Enter "MeFf" as a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu. In the PAL version of the game, enter "Turnips" as a case-sensitive name.

Filmography section
Enter "fellA" as a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu to unlock all trailers at the "Filmography" menu. Note: Characters three and four are lower-case "L"s. In the PAL version of the game, enter "BonNeTT" as a case-sensitive name.

All cars
Enter "spiDER" as a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu. In the PAL version of the game, enter "Sez4Jnr" as a case-sensitive name.
Quick start
Hold [R1] during the pre-race countdown.

A Whoopin' And A Hollerin': Jumping through train
On the scene where you have to jump through a gap in the train, stop before the ramp and allow the train pass. Then, go over the ramp to easily complete the scene.

A Whoopin' And A Hollerin': Jump across river
When you have to do the stunt on top of the train, if you fall off it, keep driving on the right side of the tracks. There is a ramp you can use to jump across the river. Note: You must hit the ramp correctly, or you will flip and fail the scene.

Blood Oath Tuk Tuk Chase: A Whoopin' And A Hollerin' sign
During the start 321 part, look closely at your Tuk Tuk. There should be a sign that has an ad for A Whoopin' And A Hollerin'.

Conspiracy: Speed boost
On the second stunt when the microlite is chasing you, if you time passing the first explosion precisely, it will give you a speed boost which will make getting to the other explosions much easier. Repeat the process to gain more speed at the other explosions.

London Speed Test: Hidden speed test
Start driving, but do not follow the course. Instead, drive to the docks, crash through the barriers, and jump the jetty as you did in scene two of Toothless in Wapping. You should see a floating ''S'' token. Drive through it to start another ''hidden'' London speed test.

Precision Test: Developer team
In the first Precision Test, instead of performing it, drive round the other side of the arena pit building to the racetrack starting line. Hold [L1] to see a photograph of the game's developers on the pit building wall.

Better start in constructor
In the stunt constructor, the starting point can be moved around for making it better.

Car identifications
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage: White car from the "Live Twice For Tomorrow" mission.
Buick Skylark: Yellowish-white colored car.
Chevy TrailBlazer: Black SUV.
Chevy Truck: Monster truck.
Chevy Chevelle: Blue car with orange flames.
AMC Javelin: Car painted with the stars and stripes.
Ferrari: Blue sports car.
Ford Mustang Fastback: Yellow car with a black stripe with "GT" on the back.
Ford Van: White vans.
Jeep Wileys: Green army jeep.
Saleen S7: Yellow car with the black spoiler and the word "Zardes" on the back.
Lotus Espirit V8: Yellow rear engine car with circular brake lights.
Nissan Skyline GTR-III: Second white car used in Blood Oath.
Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda: Orange car with a black stripe on the side with the number "808" on the side near the trunk.
Porsche RUF CTR-2: Red race car with the blower on the hood.
Toyota AE-86: First white sports car used in Blood Oath.
Vespa: Gray moped.
Hemi Barracuda or a Dodge Challenger: Orange car, black stripe on the side, with "808" on the side near the trunk. Nonk the horn for the same sound as in the television show.
Fastest car in Create A Stunt Track
The Bond car is the fastest by far in Create A Stunt Track.

Better driving
Use Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick to steer and accelerate.

Glitch: Stunt Constructor replay
After creating a level in the Stunt Constructor, race on the level that you built. Save the replay, but not the level. If desired, reset the PS2. Then, go to the Stunt Constructor and select "Load Replay". Watch the entire replay, then select "Drive Again." You will be driving on the level saved in the replay.

Glitch: Skip scene
Select the "View Replay" option after failing a stunt. Repeatedly tap [X] as the end the replay ends. You will hear a click and the game will allow you to proceed to the next scene. Note: A trailer for the movie will not appear at the end of the level.

Glitch: Floating steering view
When in the stunt arena, crash into something so your car stays. Then, use one of the last two views so that it shows inside your car. Press [L2] or [R2] to look on the sides, and you will see that there is nothing holding up the steering wheel. Note: if the second to last viewpoint does not work, use the last one.

Glitch: Blimp attack
When in the stunt constructor, build a ramp. Then, use any car and go off the ramp. The blimp that is flying in the air will drop down and hit you, but you will not lose damage. Note: This rarely happens.

Glitch: Higher speed in air
When you are about to hit a jump that you can get a lot of air, drive at 80 mph then let off the gas. Hit the gas in the air. The speedometer should read 117 mph. Note: This glitch will not work if you are under or over 80 mph.

Glitch: No damage on car shadows
Smash your vehicle then look at the shadow of the vehicle. This works best with the Jeep and cars that have parts that break off (such as the Jeep's bars).

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