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Cheat Codes
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BACKSTAGEPASS - Level select
FLYTHREADS - All clothes
LOOTSNOOT - Extra money
ZOOMJUICE - Unlimited boost
JACKALOPESTYLE - Monster tricks
LETSPARTY - Snowball fight
POWERPLAY - Boost stats
ROADIEROUNDUP - Extra characters
BIGPARTYTIME - Play as Conrad (Mini-Viking)
MOREFUNTHANONE - Play as Mitch Koobski (Unicorn)
THREEISACROWD - Play as Nigel (Rocker)
FOURSOME - Play as Ski Patrol character
Unlocking Characters for Quick Play Mode
Though you'll get to create your own character for the Tour Mode, you'll be able to unlock old SSX characters for the Quick Play Mode. In order to unlock them, you'll have to beat their scores when you face them during the Tour Mode.

Allegra - Beat her trick score in Tour Mode
Skye - Beat her trick score in Tour Mode
Tyson - Beat his trick score in Tour Mode
Zoe - Beat her trick score in Tour Mode

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