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Mar. 17, 2010
Primary Collection of Cheats
Play as Fongling
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game from the cleared game file to play as Fongling instead of Bruce in those areas.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game to change the colors in the title screen.

Replay with more weapons
Successfully complete the game with various ranks and difficulty settings to unlock additional starting weapons.
Easy difficulty, "A" rank: All handguns and shotgun.
Easy difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle.
Recommended difficulty, "A" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle.
Recommended difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle with unlimited ammunition.
Extreme difficulty, "A" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle with unlimited ammunition.
Extreme difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons with unlimited ammunition.
Pause game play
To stop the game clock, enter the items screen.
Defeating Morpheus
When Morpheus is not a giant slug, use your grenade launcher or C.P. rifle. You must move constantly. Shoot him once or twice with one and move. Zigzag between the poles and avoid Morpheus' quick hand. If, however, Morpheus is able to hit you with his hand, after four or five hits, he will do a backflip away. When he does this, run immediately and heal with a Green Herb or other item.

Defeating giant Morpheus
To kill Morpheus when he becomes a giant slug-type creature, keep shooting at his eyes. Try to develop a rhythm of where his head moves. As you hit his head, he will move backwards, allowing you to defeat him.

Defeating Bosses
To easily kill Bosses or larger zombies, shoot them with the Magnum.

Defeating torpedo kids
Killing the torpedo kids is very easy. Take out your shotgun and shoot them. Although they are fast, all you have to do is shoot within reason, about a centimeter or two off, as the shotgun shoots out multiple shells at a time.

Defeating first non-zombies
The first creatures resemble walking frogs. They are fast and can jump. Try shooting them with a shotgun, then continue while they are down. If you are out of shotgun shells, use the handgun and shoot them once and run. Once they begin chasing you while you are using a handgun, get a good distance and begin shooting them again. However, run when they are about ten feet from you.

Assault rifle and shells
Start the game under the easy difficulty setting. On the 2F, go into the kitchen. There will be a door directly across from the entrance. Go into it and enter the open room. There will be an assault rifle with 100 shells and 100 extra shells next to it. This awakes the zombies in the freezer. To kill them easier, go back into the kitchen for a few seconds, re-enter, and get ready to fire.

C.P. rifle
The C.P rifle is a gun that does not run on ammunition, but batteries. It is located in the sewers. Go to where the plant and laboratory is located. You can find it in the room that has creatures locked in a chamber. It is in the chamber that is open. Once you get it, the creatures in the other chamber are released. Use a different gun to kill those zombies in order save your batteries for Morpheus.

Handgun ammunition
Ammunition for your handgun is located in the lounge and other places where you save your game.

The first key you need is located under the corpse in Room 101 2F. Press [X] or [Circle]. After you go into the very next room, a female zombie will come alive. This is the first zombie that you kill. This key is to one of the big doors out in the main beginning hallway when a new game is started. The second key is located in the VIP Room 2F. This key unlocks two of a floor's electronic locks.

Easy handgun kills
To kill the zombies or other creatures quicker with the hand gun, take an extra moment and aim at their head.

The easy kill depends on the zombie's awareness. If the zombie notices you or hears gunfire, you cannot make the easy kill. Try sneaking up behind zombies or waiting until they turn around. Using the silenced handgun is best for dealing with any number greater than one.

Easy map access
Press "Select "to get to your map without having to press [Start] and searching. Pressing [Select] also gives you a better view of the map, showing where you are, which rooms are locked, which rooms you can go through, etc.

180 degree turn
Tap [Down]x2 to make a quick 180 degree turn. This is extremely useful in certain circumstances.

Walk in first person (shoot mode)
Hold [A] or [B] in shoot mode and press [Up] or [Down] on the D-Pad at the back of the gun to sneak. As usual, holding [A] allows you to sneak with the same control system as if you were running. Holding [B] allows you to sidestep instead of turning.

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