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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat mode
Select the "Cheats" option at the "Extras", then enter one the following codes. Then, press [Start] and that cheat option will now appear on the "Cheats" menu:

[L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [L1], [R1] - All levels
[Circle], [X], [L2], [R2], [Circle], [X] - Art gallery
[L1], [L1], [Circle], [X], [L1], [R1] - Movie gallery
[R2], [L2], [Circle], [L2], [X], [R2] - Unlimited ammunition
Unlock Cheats
Successfully complete the game with one of the following ranks to unlock the corresponding cheat option at the "Extra" menu:

Battering Ram - "Professional" rank
Bulletproof - "Professional" rank
Fully Loaded - "Psychopath" rank
Time Out - "Career Criminal" rank

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