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Primary Collection of Cheats
Extra energy
Your maximum energy is increased for every six cages collected. Note: There are a total of 60 cages in the game.

Rayman 2-D Madness mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 1000 game points.

Racket Jump mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 3000 game points.

Crush mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 4000 game points.

Razzof Circus mini-game
Collect jewels during the game to get 6000 game points.
Bog Of Murk: Defeating the witch
When she jumps on her cauldron, jump up and hit her. She then turns into a frog (you sometimes get hit yourself). when she goes right, do the same. Then go the other way and keep hitting her. When you have defeated her, jump through the mirror.

Clearleaf Forest: Defeating large Hoodlum
On the last level of Clearleaf Forest. when you battle the large Hoodlum on the mechanical legs. run over the thing that looks like fire. Three blue lines will appear. Do this three times and a power-up will appear in the middle of it. Get it, but remember that the Hoodlum can destroy it. When you get it, you must hit him three times and he will die .Then a group of hoodlums will enter the arena. You will get on the legs and squash them. then go to the doctor.

Defeating the underwater Boss
Get at a certain angle were the bullets co not hit you. When a rocket appears, face the front then press [Square], [X] to loop it. When he shoots the laser, loop that as well. Do the other things, such as the shoe battle, then you should be on Desert Of Knaaren's. You must get the helicopter boost. Then, go to the next power-up and to kill the reflux enemy. You must wait until he is shooting stars, then get the heavy metal fist at the edge. Note: You can get shot on the bars -- jump when you see them. Also keep getting life and jumping when you see the sparks on the bar. Then, get up and keep shooting him up close and dodge the sparks. Keep doing that while he is doing other attacks. Stay on the bars; do not go in the lava and collect health until the health bar is full. You can keep revisiting levels to get all the cages and get more life plus a bigger health bar. Also, when you are fighting the hoodlums and are near the second doctor, they get shielded.

Keep powers with you
Stand on a can and your powers will stay with you.

Rayman 2 reference
In the Hoodlum's factory, get to the place where you have to jump across crates to get to the other side. Once there, keep going up. You will eventually reach a location with a switch to activate the lifts to get to this second "conveyor belt". On those lifts, get pretty well up to the top. There is a hole in the side of a huge "pipe". Jump and helicopter over there and go in. You will see some of the villains from Rayman 2, including Admiral Razorbeard and his other cronies.

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