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Feb. 08, 2014
Nov. 29, 2006
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Michelle's alternate costume
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Michelle's second alternate costume
Successfully complete the game with an "Onimusha" rank. Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha Blade Warriors.

Samanosuke's alternate costume
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting with a high score as Samanosuke. Alternately, successfully complete the game as Jacques' alternate costume.

Alternate ending sequence
Increase all seven Haori of Ako to the maximum. This requires all Kodama to be found.

Hard difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Critical (Issen) mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. In this mode, only critical hits can kill opponents.

Oni Hard mode
Successfully complete the game in Critical (Issen) mode.

Original Onimusha: Warlords swords
Successfully complete the game with all three items from the Phantom Realms. Then, start a new game to have all three swords from the original Onimusha: Warlords.

Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha: Warlords.

Oni Musou
Have Jacques go through the Phantom Realm in Honnouji.

Adventures of Heihachi (Heihachi Buraiden) Genma Puzzle mini game
Solve all the puzzles in the game.

Secret training mode mini-game
Successfully complete normal training mode, then complete the game.

Oni Shooting mini-game
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Skip FMV sequences
Successfully complete the game. When playing the game again, press [Start] to advance past any intermission sequence.
Defeating Guard Dog
Note: This was done under the normal difficulty setting. First, stock up on magic for all your weapons. Then, stock up on all the Purple Souls. At the beginning, jump behind him after he attacks. Then, just waste the magic on him. Use every weapons magic until you do not have any more. After that, use regular attacks. Watch out for the ice attack. Most of the time the thunder magic from him is off target. After a few regular attacks, transform into the Onimusha and attack him hard. However, do not use the mega attack yet. After a few attacks, just before your magic runs out use the mega magic attack on him. If he is not defeated, then just attack him a few more times.

Defeating Nobunaga
When you are fighting Nobunaga when he is in his demon form, press [Square]x2, [Triangle]. This is a great combo move, but do not overdo it with him. When you absorb the darkness from his sword and you get it, remember that some of his moves cannot be blocked (such as the charge and the fireball moves). You can only block one or two. For the charge move, press [Triangle] at the last moment when he is on fire and you should dodge it. For the fireball move, just have enough space to run around.

Regain health
Equip Ako's White Haori then stand still.

When Ako's wearing the White Haori, rotate the Right Analog-stick . Ako will move faster to regain health quicker, depending how fast you can rotate. Note: Do not not use it while you have five Oni Orbs.

Bypass Dark Realms
Any of the three Dark Realms can be easily bypassed. This requires some skill, Ako's Purple Vest, all weapons for the character, and all weapons been completely enhanced. Whether or not the gauntlet is completely enhanced is irrelevant. Before entering the Dark Realm, equip either Chigo (for Samanosuke) or Hyosai (for Jacques). The enemies that attack will appear in multiple waves. Just wait for all enemies to appear, then execute one magic attack. Absorb all the souls that appear. Ako's Purple Vest should allow you to do this as many times as necessary. However, if you are fighting large demons, you may need to get up close with either the Tenso (for Samanosuke) or the Enja (for Jacques). Note: A crucial part of this strategy is absorbing the souls. If you feel that you need Ako's Blue Vest as well, make sure to switch back and forth as appropriate. Also, it is much easier to go straight for the bottom part of the Dark Realm that you are in, as the tougher enemies are down there first. By doing this, you can use your magic efficiently on the tougher enemies and not have to worry about the weaker ones.

Bravery: Successfully complete the game without saving.
Critical: Kill over 40% of your enemies with critical hits.
Defense: Take less than 5,120 damage.
Explorer: Find all 23 Tengu chests.
Offense: Kill over 3,000 enemies.
Speed: Have a completion time of less than 5:00:00.
Glitch: Spinning Samanosuke and Jacques
Let the Jelly monster's babies grab you then press [R1]. You will spin around. Also, press [R1] when you are surrounded by them.

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