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Sep. 03, 2008
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Easy mode
Start a game and die three times. A message will appear to indicate that a new easy difficulty setting is available. Note: You cannot achieve an Onimusha rank when playing in easy mode.

Hard mode
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Critical mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Scenario Route option, Man In Black mode, and Team Onimusha mode; as well as a FMV preview of Onimusha 3.

Team Onimusha one hit kills
Successfully complete the game in Team Onimusha mode to unlock an option to replay Team Onimusha with one hit kills.

Ultimate mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Enter the "Special Features" menu and enable the "Ultimate Mode" option to begin a new game with the Rekka-Ken Sword, 20,000 in money, 30 Perfect Medicines, 10 Talismans, all level 3 armors, unlimited ammunition, unlimited magic, and skill always full. Your NPCs will also have unlimited sub-weapons.

Issen mode
Successfully complete the Oni Organization mini-game. You must hit with a One Flash attack in order to do damage to opponents.

The Issen Strike works on Bosses. However, it will not kill them in one strike.

To increase the chance for Issen Strike, hold [Square] when an enemy strikes you instead of pressing it once. You may get a better chance for a one hit kill.

Mind Twister mode
Successfully complete the game with all Paintings.

Jubei's alternate costume
Collect the Fashionable Goods item and successfully complete the game with an ''S'' rank. Enter the "Special Features" menu and enable the "Extra Jubei" option to dress her in leather and sunglasses (press [L2] to toggle). In the Japanese version, successfully complete the game with the Onimusha rank.

Oyu's alternate costume
Get a 100% scenario completion by playing the game multiple times to make good alliances with all NPCs. After all scenarios are unlocked in the "Scenario Route" viewer, enter the "Special Features" menu and enable the "Extra Oyu" option to dress him in a 1970's style costume.

Extra missions
There are three extra missions in the game, all located in the town of Imasho.
After the event in which you obtain the Red Ring, talk to Ekei. He will say that a woman pickpocket has taken a special item from him. First, seek her out behind the stables. Next, she will be in the second-floor balcony of the bar. After that, she goes to the blacksmith's shop. Finally, she will be back at the first hiding spot. Take the item she gives you to Ekei, and you should receive a technique book.

After the event in which you obtain the Red Ring, talk to a man that is in the shop next to the bar. He will give you chalk. Trade this with Ekei to get a book. Trade the book with Magoichi to get an emblem. Finally, give this to Kotaro in return for a melon. Take the melon to the man. After you rescue Oyu from Gifu Castle, talk to the man's father, who is standing next to him. He will give you a special necklace.

After you rescue Oyu from Gifu Castle, this will be your final opportunity to buy items and receive gold from enemies. Your goal is to clean out the store next to the bar. After this is accomplished, talk to the salesman again, and he will give you a special necklace.
Extended opening sequence
Allow the game to remain idle at the "Press Start" screen. After about five minutes, a music video will start, featuring all the characters in the game.
Special secret
While in the town of Imasho, trade with the other characters until you get three fossilized bones. Later in the game, after you teleport from Gifu Castle back to the Oni Sacred Place, you will find two doors in the second room. Place the bones in the middle door to reveal a secret.

Issen kill for all onscreen enemies
Get the book of Tech 2 so you can charge up any of your weapons three times. Then, performed the Issen kill, but continue holding [Square]. Jubei will do the Issen kill for all enemies on the screen. o this on a lesser enemy such as a Crocodile Man or Rolling Orc to get the much larger one.

Instant kill
To instantly kill any normal enemy, walk near them and wait until they try to strike you. Just before it is about to hit you, tap [Attack] and a yellow streak will instantly kill the enemy. Note: This attack does not work on Bosses.

Easy Issen attacks
Move to your left or right for a thrust attack and press [Square]; move one step back for a slash attack and press [Square]; or use a timing attack on a rolling enemy.

For quick Issen kills, wait until someone is about to strike you. Then, pause game play. As soon as the menu appears hold [R1] and start tapping [Square]. After a moment, press [Start] again, release [R1], but continue tapping [Square]. If you time the monster's attack correctlyJ ubei will do a yellow slash, killing the monster in one hit. You will get a lot more souls this way.

Easy gold and souls
Go to the road to the gold mine. Some of Nobunaga's guards will be there. Kill them all, and they will drop some gold and some souls. Keep exiting the path and go back into it repeatedly.

On your final trip before you talk to Jujudormah (woman with the umbrella), go to the mines. On the way there you will encounter several demons. Do away with them, then go into the mine. Once inside, if you have the orange necklace equipped you will be able to absorb about 200 to 300 souls in some rooms. Proceed further and you will encounter some Hyukane. Wait until they start spinning very fast, then attack them. You should get a one-hit kill getting more souls. Often they will drop 500 gold each. If not, go back they way you came from then return. Repeat this as often as needed. This is a good way to maximize your swords and armor early in the game.

Extra power and magic jewels
Magoichi should be your best ally. When you exit the forest and obtain the last Nobunaga statue (from the left of the save point near the pond where fishes appear from a "cocoon"), he will blow this with a cannon to reveal the jewels.

Health from arrows
On some occasions, it is possible to cut an arrow and get a portion of health from it, if timed correctly. It may require some practice, but it is very useful.

Rakka-Ken Fire sword
You can get the Rakka-Ken fire sword by completing the Purple Phantom Realm. This Phantom Realm is in a small room just of right of the bridge that leads to the Gingamphats fight. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and can easily defeat Nobunaga.

White Necklace
Buy everything from the store in Imasho town. Go to the mines and fight the Boss. Return and the store will be replenished. Buy everything again. Then, once you return on the Iron Horse you will find that the shop has more items. Once you buy them all, talk to the store keeper to get the White Necklace. It fills your life slowly when you are standing still.

Eternal Oghi
Use Oghi near a save point. Save the game when the Oghi is still on. It will be gone for now, but when you load the game again, the Oghi will still be on. It will still stop when you use a magic attack or switch weapons.

Defeating: Giganhamphats
Make Magoichi your closest ally. When you battle this Boss the last time, just damage him slightly and Magoichi will appear and kill him.

Defeating Gogandantess
An easy way to end the first and second Gogandantess is attack her until both of your swords are up and creating sparks multiple times. You should keep trying until she appears to make the fight shorter and waste less time.

Defeating critical mode enemies
Use the following trick to defeat enemies that do not die with one Issen hit (for example, Red Bulls, all Bosses, Gerehones, and Robots). All enemies take damage, even in critical mode. The key is that they can only die with an Issen hit. Do triple charged and magic attacks many times. Once you feel that the enemies should have died if you were playing a normal mode game, stop and execute an Issen hit. They should die immediately. If they do not, do more regular hits, then try Issen again. Note: You have to do this twice with Nobunaga; once to make him start flying, and again when he is in the air. Also, some enemies are better Issened with the Block Issen (for example, Oda bodyguards and skeletons). To do a Block Issen, time your block with the enemies attack (similar to how you time a normal Issen). If you time the block correctly, you will hear a different blocking sound (higher pitch) and see a white circular flash similar to when you charge a weapon. Tap [Attack] when you see this flash, or just tap [Attack] whenever you try an Issen block. The only disadvantage to this Issen is that you might get less Souls. Even Yellow Souls are not guaranteed with Block Issen, unlike the regular one.

Defeating Bosses
The following information lists the Bosses followed by their HP which varies by difficulty setting then the recommended weapons to be used against them.
Ginghamphatts (1): Easy 8,000 Normal 10,000 Hard 13,500; Buraitou Level 2, Hyoujin-yari,Level 1

Gogandantess (1): Easy 6,500 Normal 8,500 Hard 13,000; Buraitou level 2, Hyoujin-yari Level 2, Yagyu armor Level 2

Ginghamphatts (2): Easy 10,000 Normal 14,000 Hard 18,000; Buraitou Level 3,

Hyoujin-yari Level 2, Senpumaru Level 2, yagyu armor Level 2

Jujudormah: Easy 5,500 Normal 7,500 Hard 11,000; Buraitou Level 3, Hyoujin-yari Level 3, Senpumaru Level 2, Yagyu armor Level 2

Gogandantess (2): Easy 6,500 Normal 8,500 Hard 13,000; Buraitou Level 3, Hyoujin-yari Level 3, Senpumaru Level 2, Yagyu Armor Level 2

Baguwassha (Oyu): Easy 3,000 Normal 5,000 Hard 7,000 ; Gradius, Adarga, Silver Armor

Baguwassha (Eikei): Easy 3,000 Normal 5,000 Hard 7,000; Halberd, Fudo Leg gaurd, Nioh Protector or Ashura Garment

Baguwassha (Magoichi): Easy 3,000 Normal 5,000 Hard 7,000; Goraishinki, Western Boots, Pirate Costume

Gogandantess (Final): All Weapons Level 3, Yagyu armor Level 3, Yagyu Foot Armor Level 2, Yagyu Arm Armor Level 2

Ginghamphatt s(Final): Easy 9,000 (united)/8,000 (upper body after split) Normal 12,000 (united)/11,000 (upper body after split) Hard 15,000 (united)/16,000 (upper body after split); all weapons and armor maxed

Nobunaga (Demon Form): Easy 7200 (ground)/10,800 (air) Normal 10,000 (ground)/15,000 (air) Hard 13,040 (ground)/19,560 (air); all weapons and armor maxed

Golden Evil statue: Easy 30,000 (head, arms)/20,000(legs) Normal 48,000 (head, arms)/32,000(legs) Hard 66,000 (head,arms)/44,000 (legs); all weapons and armor maxed

Gyaran Queen: Easy 5,000 Normal 8,000 Hard 13,500; all weapons and armor maxed.
Weapon recommendations
The following is a list of weapons and which enemies they are useful against as well as ones you should avoid.
Non-magical weapons
Yagyu sword (Jubei's starting weapon): You will only face enemies from the Oda soldier family before you get the Buraitou. Avoid using it unless you have to.

Bow and arrow: One of the four non-magical ranged weapons.Note: Jubei cannot block with this weapon. Use them against Archers and Gyaran. Avoid everything else.

Bow and fire arrow: Does more damage than normal arrows. Save these for when Nobunaga hovers. Avoid using these until you reach Nobunaga.

Tanegashima: A gun that has a delay between shots. Jubei cannot block with this weapon. It is useful against Archers, Gyarans, and distant enemies. Avoid using it in close combat, as you are too vulnerable.

Tri-Barrel Gun: Fires three shots quickly.Jubei cannot block with this weapon. It is useful against larger enemies. It requires three to four shots. Avoid close combat with any ranged weapon.

Magical weapons
Buraitou: Jubei's first magical weapon. It has a devastating magic attack. It is useful against the early enemies in the game. Its magic attack will drop almost any non-Boss enemy. Avoid using it against the bigger enemies unless you are using the magic attacks or secret combo.

Hyoujin-Yari: Most efficient and useful in the game because of its long reach and high damage output. It is useful against everything if used correctly. Avoid the smaller and more agile demons because of its slower speed.

Senpumaru: A fast double-bladed weapon. Its magic attack damages all nearby enemies. It is useful against the faster, more agile demons. Its fast combos and short delay makes it a good weapon. Avoid using it against anything larger than Baragaidoro. It does not do well against the larger demons because of its light damage.

Dokoutsui: It is a devastating weapon without its magic attack. However, it is slow. It is useful against the bigger but slower demons. Use its magic attack to damage anything in the room, regardless of where it is. -Avoid using it against the smaller more agile demons because it is slow. Switch to the Senpumaru for those types of opponents.

Rekka-Ken: Found towards the end of the game on the last level of the Purple Phantom Realm. Since it is found towards the end of the game, you will not be using it on most of the demons. However, you can use it on Ginghamphatts (final). Use its secret combo Plus to finish it quickly. Also, use its secret combo against Nobunaga while he hovers above you. It is probably the most powerful weapon in the game.

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