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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
To activate these cheat codes, you need to start a new game, then enter "Decter's Dinner" and go into "Enter code".

BEQ82H - Princess Leia
L54YUK - Rebel Trooper
A32CAM - Darth Sidious
VR832U - Disquised Clone
MS952L - Mace Windu (Episode III)
RS6E25 - Clone (Episode III Walker)
N3T6P8 - Clone (Episode III Swamp)
BHU72T - Clone (Episode III Pilot)
ER33JN - Clone (Episode III)
SF321Y - General Grievous
ZTY392 - Grievous' Bodyguard
14PGMN - Count Dooku
EUW862 - Shaak Ti
CBR954 - Kit Fisto
DP55MV - Ki-Adi Hundi
A725X4 - Luminara
LA811Y - Bobba Fett
PL47NH - Jango Fett
XZNR21 - Super Battle Droid
LK42U6 - Battle Droid (Geonosis)
19D7NB - Geonosian
F8B4L6 - Clone
H35TUX - Darth Mual
92UJ7D - Padme
PP43JX - Royal Guard
DH382U - Droideka
EN11K5 - Battle Droid (Commander)
987UYR - Battle Droid
KF999A - Battle Droid (Security)
R840JU - PK Droid
U63B2A - Gonk Droid

The codes below needs activation in the "Extra" menu when you press [Esc] after you have entered them like the above cheat codes.

NR37W1 - Silly Blasters
L449HD - Classic Blasters
IG72X4 - Big Blasters
SHRUB1 - Brushes
PUCEAT - Tea Cups
LD116B - Minikit Detector
RP924W - Moustaches
YD77GC - Purple
MS999Q - Silhouettes
4PR28U - Invincible
Begging At Dexters
Dexter's Diner, where you select your stage/missions is a veritable loot heaven. Your characters never lose money if they die at Dexter's Diner, so each time you complete a stage, walk around the place with any Jedi character and force pull studs from all the objects around the hub level.

Cheese-Kill Anakin Skywalker
In stage 3-6, have a second player take control of the boss and force the character to jump over the lava pit. Just before Anakin Skywalker hits the lava, have the second player hit pause and drop out of the game, resulting in the AI taking a hit. Keep repeating the process and you can force an easy win. Pun intended.

Switch Hitting
Freeplay (or Free Mode) is best for exploring previously cleared stages for studs and minikit parts. A preset "cast" is selected for a particular stage or mission which allows a player to access all the doors previously missed in Story Mode. Use the L or R keys to cycle through the cast while playing on free mode.

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