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High Stats
After you beat the game, go to Kaede's Village and talk to a hidden cat. You will start the game with high stats.
Field Events
Here's to unlock three of the many mystery field events. You plant these at that field in Kaede's village. (Note: this is not a requirement to pass the game):

sky blue seed + mystery soil
silver seed + whale tail
crimson seed + blossom branch

New game plus
Successfully complete the game and save it when prompted. Start another game and get to the point where you are at Kaede's village. When you find the cat there, you will be given your character's stats from the completed game.

Kagome Takes A Bath With Kaname
Go to Rindoh Village after you get the Magatama Fruit. You will the next day off. Choose Kagome to hang out, then they talk about taking a bath. You will see a shot of Kagome in a cold lake.

Defeating Kanna
When you begin the battle with Kanna, you have to listen to what she says it helps you out in battle. When she says "you can have it" don't attack her, all of your attacks will be reflected back to you and do damage. During this time build up your defense and attack. When she says "I want your soul" you can attack her then, if done correctly you should beat her with no flaws.

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