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Nov. 29, 2006
Note: You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.
Blue Berry Jam: Blue Berry (3x) and Pot.
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot.
Bouillabaisse: Tomato, M Fish, and Pot.
Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven.
Cheescake: Milk, Breadfruit, Cheese, and Oven
Cheese Cake: Egg, Gold Milk, Breadfruit, and Oven.
Cheese Omelet: Cheese and an Egg Pan.
Cheese Omelet: Egg, Cheese, and Pan.
Cheese: L Milk and Pot.
Cooked Fish: Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan.
Cran Berry Jam: Cran Berry (3x) and Pot.
Cream of Corn Soup: Milk, Corn and Pot.
Cream of Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom and Pot.
Cream of Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato and Pot.
Creamy Soup: Potato, Milk and Pot.
Flan: Egg, Milk and Oven.
Fruit Cake: Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven.
Fruit Flan: Egg, Small Milk, Fruit, and Oven.
Fruit Flan: Milk, Egg, Any Fruit, and Oven.
Fruit Omelet: Egg, any fruit and Pan.
Harvest Berry Jam: 3 Harvestberries and Pot (very good gift for Gwen)
Honey Cake: Egg, Honey, Breadfruit, and Oven.
Hot Milk: S Milk and Pot.
Mixed Jam: Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry, and Pot.
Mixed Omelet: Egg, any vegetable, and Pan.
Omelet: Egg, Milk and Pan.
Pancakes: Breadfruit, Egg, Milk, and Pan.
Pancakes: Egg, Small Milk, Breadfruit, and Pan.
Sauté Fish With Cream: Herb, L Fish, Milk, and Pan.
Special Cheese Cake: Special Cheese, Small Milk, Breadfruit, and Oven.
Special Cheese: G Milk, and Pot.
Sunny-Side Up: Egg, and Pan.
Very Berry Jam: Very Berry (3x), and Pot.
Yogurt: M Milk and Pot.
Your cow will give milk faster if you leave her outside on very sunny days (when the weather channel states that there will be a 0% chance of rain). Once she gives Large Milk, leave her outside on two very good days and you should get Gold Milk. Note: This may not work on the first attempt.

If you leave your cows outside in the grass you will not have to feed them.

Put your cows out for two very sunny days. If they like you a lot, the cows will give Gold Milk.

Chickens take longer to give Gold Eggs. If you leave your chickens outside in the grass you will not have to feed them.

Chickens like it when they are put outside and will most likely give you golden eggs faster.

Instead of paying 500G for a chicken from the Animal Farm, buy an egg from the Supermarket for 50G and place it in the incubator. Three days later, a baby chick will hatch.

Put your chickens out for two very sunny days. If they like you a lot, the chickens will give Gold Eggs.

Go into Ronald's Chicken Coop, which is across from his store. Equip your Knife/Grass Cutter and pester his chickens. This has no effect on your game.

To get your dog, you do not need actual dog food. The dogs can eat anything, even the common weed. To put food in his or her bowl, take any food item (or plant, weed, etc.), and stand next to the bowl. Press [X] and the dog food goes in.

When you name your dog, think of a good name that the ladies would like: Cute names, such as "Bubbles", or thoughtful and creative names are recommended. The girl who likes dogs the most is Lyla. If you would like to marry her, you should probably use your dog to help.

Once your dog likes you, and you have taught him to heel, do it a lot. When you whistle for him, he will just heel.

Sick dog
Sometimes after you get a dog, he will be sleeping outside. He is not actually sleeping. Press [Select] and you will have him in your hands. If it says "Oh no, there's something wrong with (your dog's name)!", bring him to Bob at the farmer's shop. He will help and cure him.

Dog training
To train your dog with the flute, do the following:
Sit: [Up], [Left], "Down
"Lay Down: [Up], [Down], "Down
"Heel: [Left], [Right], "Right
"Drive The Animals (Cows): [Right], [Left], "Left
"Jump: [Left], [Up], "Right
"Sit Up: [Down], [Up], [Up]
After doing Bob's part time work, sometimes he does not give you a horse. If this happens, try giving something sweet such as a Cake, best if baked yourself.

Your horse can be standing anywhere and not need to be fed.

To pick your own horse, when you do part time work brush and talk to the horse first every day. Bob will bring that one to your farm.

If you do not put the fodder in the troughs for the horses and cow when doing part time work at Bob's farm, you can take it all for yourself. He pays you the same amount of money and will still give you a horse.

Fishing Rod
Go to the Cafe as soon as the new day begins and you will see a carpenter. After the intermission sequence he will explain and give you the rod.

To find out where the fish in the lake is, there is a dark circle in the lake when you throw the bobber in. Get in the circle to get it all the time.

When fishing, rotate the Left Analog-stick without pressing [X] you should feel the controller pulse or rumble very quickly. When it catches, it should be a fish. To tell if it is a big fish, if it darts around everywhere with lots of restraint, reel it in.

When work at the part-time job at Bob's farm, go into the barn to feed his animals. Feed the animals and you will have two left over. Every day, repeat this process, but use the leftover fodder in your backpack. Everyday you will have two more leftover fodder.

There will be a lot of clouds in the sky if it is about to rain. There are always clouds in fall, so you will have to watch the television to learn if it is going to rain.

It is very easy to tell if it is a rainy day. When you wake up, if there is music playing then it is a sunny day. However, if there is no music playing, then it is a rainy day.

Secret store
There is a secret "store" in the big mansion near the farm store where you can sell almost everything but you cannot buy anything. The store is on a piece of paper near the refrigerator at the mansion.

Free animal fodder
Take a part time job at Brownie Farms when you are feeding the animals fodder You can steal whatever is left over by putting it in your pack.

Easy money
To make a lot more money very quickly, raise as many cows as you can until they can give out L Milk. After that, keep the milk for about one season, then sell it all. You should get at least 15,000G.

This may be slightly difficult when you are starting out, but is a good way to easily make at least 30,000G in a relatively short period of time. First, buy the Brush for the horses and cows and the Milker from Louis' Store. Then, go to the Farmer's Supply store next to Brownie Farm and then buy as many cows as possible (five if you do not currently have any). This will cost a lot, but it will pay off. Brush and milk these cows until they produce L Milk. Go back to the Farmer's Supply and sell all of the cows. You will receive 30,000G and you can sell all of that good milk they gave you.

Go to the Grocery Store and buy as many S Milks as possible. Then, go to your kitchen and turn them into cheese. Then, go to the Cafe/Bar and sell the cheese for a small profit.

Note: This is a ten day process. When you start with 100G, do part-time work. Leave immediately then go in the store before 8:05 a.m. and ask for part-time work. Brush the horses and cow. Talk to them and milk the cow. Put the fodder in the bins. Note: If done correctly, you will have two extra fodder (put in dog dish). Then go outside and wait until he calls you out at 5:00 p.m. On your way home, stop at Louis' tool shop and sell the milk. By now, you should have 820G. The next day, stop at the supermarket. Buy one egg then go towards the flower shop. Buy six potato seeds and sixteen breadfruit seeds. You should have 330G remaining. Then, go home and cut grass until you find a power berry. Next, till up two or three of your dirt fields and put the egg in the incubator. The chick will hatch in three days. Note: Eggs are better given away than sold. Next, sleep. Then, plant your potatoes in one field and breadfruit in the other two (or just in one if you are out of energy).

To get fast money, put all your money in potatoes. Plant them. When you buy them, you spend will 20G, but they are sold for 60G. Also, they grow quickly. Note: Plant them the day before a rainfall so you do not have to water them. Use the television to find out if it is going to rain.

This trick requires six chickens, If you do not already have that amount, buy some eggs at the store and put them in the incubator. Once you have six chickens, in the morning collect all the eggs, but keep them. Do not use, give, or sell them. Once you have done all the chores around the farm, sell all of your chickens. After you have sold them, you should get about 1,000 G. You will still have chickens. Go back to your farm and put one of your eggs in the incubator. Keep doing this until you have all your chickens back.

He likes home made cakes.

To get Dia to like you, just give her flowers for a few days. If you give her food of any kind, she will just say "I always have plenty to eat. don't bother." However, if you give her flowers she will warm up to you. After she softens up, give her sweets such as Cake, Honey, or Home-Made Flan.

Dia does not necessarily like flowers unless you are very close to her. However, she will love it and become closer to you faster if you bring out her heart and give her some Blueberries.

She really likes Golden Eggs. Also try giving her a big fish for a heart reaction.

Gina loves the Full Moon Berries found behind the bar and cafe in the fall. A heart reaction will form.

Every day, give Gwen Golden Milk or Jam. When she likes you a lot, talk to her at night about 7:00 or before she goes in. Give her something again, then talk to her two times. The second time she wants to talk to you for a few minutes. If you answer most of her questions correctly, then she will marry you.

Gwen also loves Jam.

If you are friendly with Gwen and the sprites talk about a scary monster, you will see Gwen and she will explain that it is Snowball (a weasel). She will take a picture of Snowball and your town is safe. Before the credits Gwen says that she would not have done it if you had not helped her. Then, Gwen and yourself will be on the roof of your barn. She will ask you to kneel down, then Gwen will kiss you.

Give Gwen your vegetables and she says "Wow, your vegetables look great", but if you give her homemade sweets she says "Your good, it bothers me a bit".

Joe adores fish, but he will like it even more when you give it to him cooked. Put a small fish in your pan then put a potato or herb (optional) in with it to get a cooked fish.

Katie really loves Cheese and Cookies. If you give her a Cake that you made in your kitchen, she will ask you if you will be competitive with her.

If you give Katie some cheese, a little heart will appear over her head indicating that her love rate increased. It is recommended that you make your own cheese - costs $500. When she meets your dog for the first time, she will get a exclamation point on top of her head. The girls will only like your dog if you give it a good name. If you give her gold eggs and milk before the Cake Contest starts. you will also get a reaction

Although Katie will like almost anything you give her, she especially likes Cheese. Giving her this will result in a heart icon above her head.

To kiss Katie, finish the Cake Contest event. At the end of the credits Katie and your character will kiss.

He likes tomatoes.

The little heart will appear over her head if you give her Home Made Jam or Pink Cat Flower (which start growing in summer). If you show her you dog in the beginning, she will also have a heart over her head, but this only happens once she appreciates the yellow flowers (but that does not get a big reaction).

Lyla will get a small pink heart if you give her a Potanta Root.

Give her Special Cheese and she will have a heart reaction.

She loves her eggs, especially gold eggs.

Nik, Nak, and Flak
They love mushrooms. Give them mushrooms and they will like you a lot.

He loves eggs, especially Golden Eggs.

He likes Cheese (all kinds, cheese cake, etc.). If you want the good fishing pole, give Woody (the man in the white coat) Cheese.

You cannot get married in this game. Each year, your relations with the townspeople are renewed. Do not waste your gifts on a particular girl if she is not involved in your ending.

Bob: Summer 1
Dia: Winter 9
Gina: Fall 20
Gwen: Summer 8
Katie: Fall 29
Kurt: Winter 10
Louis: Fall 2
Lyla: Spring 27
Martha: Winter 25
Parsley: Spring 16
Ronald: Spring 11
Stickboy (Joe): Summer 10
Tim: Fall 12
Wallace: Summer 1
Woody: Winter 2
Cake Contest
Make sure you are close friends with Katie. Whenever you find the recipe (on your dresser by the door where your kitchen is suppose to be) and give her the Golden Eggs and Milk on the 16th, go to the shop. From there she will say "Go by the [Goddess] lake and.... to get the Moondrop Dew".

Moon Berries
When the season turns to Fall, you will find a Moon Berry behind the Cafe/Bar. Gwen loves these berries. Get three of them, make some jam, and give it to her.

In order to find the Great Berry, look behind the cafe and press the [X] take the item. If you want to see if the berry is there, go to the left side and change the view. If you cannot see a yellow object, wait until it is a day with a 0, 4, 5, or 9. It usually blooms on those days, and they make great gifts that everyone loves.

Treasure by Harvest Goddess Lake
In the little patch of field by the Harvest Goddess Lake, you will find an unlimited supply of Ores and Pontanta Roots. These can be sold for high prices at the Carpenter's House and at Louis' Store.

Glitch: Float over vegetables with hidden message
If you manage to stand on top of the vegetables next to Ronald's store, you will receive a hidden message stating, "Nice Vegetables!". In order to jump onto the vegetables, approach the fence near the opening (on the right side of the opening) and try to jump over the corner. It may take you several attempts, but if your positioning is perfect, you will jump and land on top of the vegetables. You will appear to be floating above the vegetables. Press [X] to receive the hidden message.

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