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Skip intermission sequences
Pause game play during an intermission sequence, then press [Square] to skip the current scene.

In-game reset
Press [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Start] + [Select] during game play.

Changing dress/job
During a battle, press [L1] during your characters turn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press [Action] to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the Special Dress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna's turn, press [L1] then [R1] to the change to the Special Dress.

During a battle you can change Dresspheres in the current garment grid by pressing [L1]. After completing this, press [L1], [R1], [X]. It will now change to the special Dressphere for each person (Yuna: Floral Fallal, Rikku: Machina Maw, and Paine: Full Throttle).

Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game+" bonus at the main menu. Select this option to start a new game with all characters keeping the items that were obtained during your first game.
Chapter 1: Easy AP and experience
Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. At the start of the game after the fight with "Yuna" and during the chase, you will fight two goons. In the next area, you will fight two goons and two fem goons. In that roomm run over to the dock and you will see a Mog bent over and shivering. When you try to talk to it, it will heal you fully. Set yourself directly against her, and use the auto-fire feature. A fem goon will run around the corner and attack you. Remain there for a few hours to get all of ability for the thief and warrior.

Chapter 2: Easy gil
Clear off O'aka's debts by buying 100,000 gil worth of items from him on the Airship. After you have cleared the debt, O'aka will start selling you items very cheap. Buy 99 of the items he sells, then fly to another location and sell them at over twice what you bought them for. For example, buy 99 High Potions from him for 50 gil each (total cost of 4950 gil). Then, fly to the Calm Lands and sell the High Potions for 125 gil each, for a total of 12375 gil. That is a quick profit of 7425 gil.

Instead of traveling to another place after you pay off O'aka's debt to make a profit of a little over 7,000 gil, just buy 99 Hi-potions from O'aka for 50 gil apiece. Then, go over to the Barkeep (behind the counter on the Airship in Cabin, which is next to where O'aka is selling) and sell him the Hi-potions for 125 gil each. This makes it easier to make money much faster rather than to travel to another shop to keep selling Hi-Potions.

Note: Once O'aka's debt is paid and you have enough money, buy 99 of everything from him, then sell all of that to the barkeep. You will make a profit of 16,830 gil.

To do this, you must be within Chapter 2 and talk to Tobil. He is at the MoonFlow. During Chapter 1, you must save the delivery trailer from the bandits, and upon doing so, Tobil will give you a Dress Sphere. Within Chapter 2, talk to Tobil yet again. He complains that no one is buying tickets and puts you up to the job in doing so. You can also make a huge profit. Use this to make 10,000 gil within five minutes. You only have ten tickets. The customers are as follows.
Al Bhed Woman wearing pink near entrance (will pay 1,500 gil)
Woman wearing red headband, before reaching Tobli (will pay 1,500 gil)
Woman standing beside child, after Tobli (will pay 1,000 gi!)
Woman wearing yellow and orange, standing across from Save Sphere (will pay 1,500 gil)
Man wearing orange and green, sitting on bench (will pay up to 1,000 gil)
Person wearing green, sitting on dock stairs (will pay 1,500 gil)
Person wearing green, standing next to dock (will pay the highest price)
Go on the other side of the Moonflow (ride the Showpuff); the child wearing white shirt, standing beside Hypello (will pay up to 2,000 gil)
Person in yellow dress standing at the top of the ramp, same side of the Moonflow as the kid above (will pay 2,000 gil)
Woman in green standing across from the bench in the direction of going to Guadosalam (will pay any amount of gil)
Your reward should be 10,000 gil or higher. You also will receive Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt.

During Chapter 2, visit Guadosalam. Visit the hotel owner and choose the "Got any data?" option. Note: Save the game first. The hotel owner will ask for 10,000 gil for a clue regarding somebody in Guadosalam who could buy the data from you. Pay the person. If the clue is "It's the last person you'd expect, no question", the buyer for some reason is the person who you bought the data from. If it is a different clue, restart the game and keep trying until you receive that clue. If you get the clue, return to the hotel and press [Square] to ask if the hotel owner wants to buy the data. He says "Yes", and in return gives you 100,000 gil, giving your an easy 90,000 gil profit.

Chapter 2: Defeating LeBlanc Goons
For all of the Boss fights while you are "liberating" uniforms to sneak into Guadosalam, both Logos and Ormi are effected by Sleep. If you have been using Yuna's Songstress ability, you will learn "Sleepy Shuffle". Have Yuna put them to sleep and defeat them easily.

Chapter 2: Paying off O'aka's debt
After O'aka is allowed to come onto the airship, wait until Chapter 2. Save about 10,000 gil. When Chapter 2 starts and the mission to find the uniforms begins, go to Guadosalam. Save at the Sphere and go to the right, into the Inn. Ask the man at the desk if he has any data. Buy it from him for 10,000 gil. Next, find the person the clue describes. Sell them the Sphere and you should get a good amount of money. If your pocket book is at about 0 gil and you did not get about 60,000 gil when you sold the data, reset your game and go to the man at the Inn again. It should be different data this time. Do this until you get 60,000 gil or more. Next, board the airship and start buying 99 of every item. Then, turn to the barkeep and sell all the items. Go back to O'aka and keep doing this until you get his debt down to 0 gil or at least a very low amount. If you need some more gil. sell off unneeded items or raise some money by fighting some fiends, pilfering gil, etc. Then, return and continue buying and selling. Although it seems like a lot of work, it is a lot less than what you would have to do to raise 100,000 gil in battle. It also pays off because he sells you all the same items very cheap afterwards. By paying his debt off by Chapter 3, you will be able to buy very nice items from him later in the game.

Chapter 2: Easy AP
Be on Chapter 2 with a Lure Ring, White Mage Dressphere, and the dresses you would like to master. Go to Besaid Islands and to the zone where there are the waterfalls and bridges. When heading frp, the Save Sphere towards the beach, you will reach the first of the two bridges. Behind the first one is a little passage to go down. Down there is a chest containing an item (varies depending on the chapter). Once there, set up one of your three characters as a White Mage and the other two as characters where the first command is to attack. Note: This does not work for Black Mages. Once you have the proper dress on, equip one with the Lure Ring. If you have time, leave the menu screen, and hold [Left]. A battle should happen quickly, and the enemies (if done before the end of the chapter) should be easy to defeat. Hold [X] and the two fighting classes will instantly attack, and the person as the White Mage will do Prayer, healing them back to full health. To do this automatically, tape the Analog-stick to the left, causing the character to run left. Since nothing needs to be pressed [Left] in battle screens, it will not effect the battle. Also, tape down [X]. Watch a few battles to make sure it is working correctly. In a little over an hour, you can master one Dress Sphere per person. Note: Change the dresses, keeping at least one a White Mage for an easy AP gain.

Chapter 2: Easy experience
When you have completed the first level of Gunner's Gauntlet on Chapter 2, (defeating the man with 500 points on Besaid Island), play it until you complete level 6 by obtaining 1300 points. After that, try the next level. However, instead of trying to obtain the minimum (1,400 points), try for 2800 points. With some practice, and if you are able to keep your chain bar full, it is an easy shot. If you do not reach 2800 points, do not finish the game. Instead, die or let the timer finish. Getting 2,800 points on max level is more difficult; there are too many enemies and you do not have time to kill them all without being hit. Also, on level 7 there are a lot of enemies, but just enough to give you time to kill them. Another trick to avoid being hit is to go behind the last big waterfall in the area just before the big machina, and stick to the ledge closest to the screen. This way, monsters will pass behind you without hitting you; the only thing you have to worry about is having enough ammunition.

Towards the end of Chaper 2 when you go to Bevelle with LeBlanc, you will reach a part with a hole, and rotating stairs in that hole that lead to a hallway. If you are already at level 20 and have learned Reflect with your White Mage, you can fight the mini-Bosses without the fear of loss (with the exception of Overdrive, where they begin to use physical attacks). Cast Reflect on the party at the beginning and start attacking. The Thief is also useful; steal items from the Bosses then resell them for quick gil. Do not forget to Pilfer Gil (nets about 1,000 gil on average). Georapella gives 800 experience points and 1,000 gil per round and Precepts Guard gives 700 experience points and 800 gil. When they decide to Oversoul, cast Protect first, then Reflect. After they Oversoul, expect an additional 800 experience points for your efforts. If you cast Reflect first then attempt to cast Protect on yourself, you will only cast Protect on the Boss, and not yourself. When you are running low on MP, go back to the Save Sphere. Note: Precepts Guard has a Demi attack which hurts you, but he cannot kill you.

Chapter 2: Soul Of Thamasa
The first time you enter Zanarkand in Chapter 1, as you are on your way through the Chamber Of The Fayth make sure when talking to Cid you answer affirmatively when asked if you have a bone to pick. Return to Zanarkand in Chapter 2 during your clothes hunting mission. When you talk to Issaru, he will say the monkeys have become a problem, and that Cid is gone. This is a monkey matching game. The names are the clues (for example, Arroh and Quihvrr , Sol and Luna, etc.). The monkeys can be found from the room where Yunalesca resided in Final Fantasy 10 to the long hallway entering the temple. Once you matched up all the monkeys, you will receive Soul Of Thamasa, which doubles the strength of your spells and the mana cost.

Chapter 3: Defeating Ifrit
Rescue all fifteen people from the cave in the Calm Lands to get a Garment Grid called Tetra Master. Set this grid up with your desired characters Dress Sphere around the green emblem (Fire Eater ability). Then, switch the Dress Sphere across the green emblem during the battle with Ifrit. This will cause half of his attacks to actually cure your party. For example, if you want two Dark Knights and a White Mage set the Dress Sphere as follows: White Mage <---> Green Emblem <--> Dark Knight. If you want Yuna to be your mage, before the battle set her as a Knight. If Rikku and Paine are to be your knights, set them to mages. Then, when the battle begins press [L1] and change Yuna to mage, press [L1] turn Rikku to knight, and press [L1] turn Paine to knight. All of your characters will now have Fire Eater ability and will absorb fire attacks.

Chapter 3: Defeating Garik and Ronso Youth
Quickly kill off the two (or one depending on your answers to Ronso questions in Chapters 1 and 2). Have Rikku as a thief with the Pilfer MP ability. Since Garik only has 230+ MP, it will take about four turns until he is out of MP and cannot cast Might Guard, Protect, or any of his other status effects. Simply dispel his current status with a White Mage or a Dispel Tonic, then attack until he falls.

Chapter 3: Easy experience
After you save the tourists in Chapter 3, go back into the Cave of the Stolen Fayth and equip a Lure Bracer on one of your characters. Battle here for a few hours for easy experience and AP. This is also a good location in Chapter 5 as well, but not as good as in the Farplane. After you defeat Shiva, spend some time running around the Save Sphere that she leaves behind. This is the best place to train in the entire game.

Chapter 3: Easy AP
Go to the Besaid Temple and equip a Lure Bracer. The three different Fiends here have a small amount of HP and only use magical attacks. The Paikras use second level Black Magic spells such as Thundara. Zurvans use similar spells, and the Haunts use Doom and Thundara. Have one of the girls as a White Mage and the other two as anything. Note: If you want to do this for the Black Mage, make sure she knows Focus. Have your cursor set to Memory Drain on the options menu. Find a place in the temple. Have the White Mage do Prayer, and other two attack/Focus. It requires about two hours of battling like this to completely master the abilities with the Dress Spheres. Tape the Analog-stick [Left] + [X]. Note: Using an Alchemist that knows Mega Potion works even better.

Chapter 5: Defeating Behemoth
Cast Auto-Reflect, so that the Thunder that Behemoth casts will hurt itself. Note: You may need a White Mage to dispel his Mighty Guard.

Chapter 5: Defeating Nooj
Go to the secret dungeon of Mushroom Rock Road (where you first get a Crimson Sphere). Put all ten Crimson Spheres you have collected and enter the dungeon. Once in follow the red arrow to the end, an intermission sequence will begin. After that, a couple of Boss fights will begin. The very last battle is against Nooj. Nooj as about 23,000 HP and has very difficult attacks. Start by casting Protect on your entire party and have two Dark Knights , After that, always keep your HP over 2,000. Keep attacking with all you have got, and at some point be prepared for Nooj's Lightfall. It is an attack that can hit for 5,000 damage, even with Protect. This attack does not happen very often.

Chapter 5: Easy AP
Be on Chapter 5 with a Lure Ring, White Mage Dressphere, and the dresses you would like to master. Go to Bevelle and to the underground passage that the Kinder Guardians found. After talking to the old man, and getting Crimson Sphere 6, run straight and drop down the hole. You will be on level one. Make sure the level is like a circle, with a Ton Berry standing on a small platform by himself when you first enter. If it is not set up like this, restart the level repeatedly until it is. Once it is like that, go to the top left corner. Once there, set up one of your three characters as a White Mage and the other two as characters where the first command is to attack. Note: This does not work for Black Mages. Once you have the proper dress on, equip one with the Lure Ring. If you have time, leave the menu screen, and hold [Left]. A battle should happen quickly, and the enemies should be easy to defeat. Hold [X] and the two fighting classes will instantly attack, and the person as the White Mage will do Prayer, healing them back to full health. To do this automatically, tape the Analog-stick to the left, causing the character to run left. Since nothing needs to be pressed [Left] in battle screens, it will not effect the battle. Also, tape down [X]. Watch a few battles to make sure it is working correctly. In a little over an hour, you can master one Dress Sphere per person. Note: Change the dresses, keeping at least one a White Mage for an easy AP gain.

Chapter 5: Easy experience
In the Thunder Plains, in the cave where you save Cid, there are Machina that do little damage but are worth 1,000 experience points. Fight at least ten to fifteen battles to gain a new level.

Agree to go into one of the holes, then work your way down to Shiva and defeat her. Then, equip the Lure Bracelet and walk around the save point. You will gain 1,700 to 2,400 experience points per battle. If your health gets too low, just go to the save point.

Chapter 5: Easy Gil
Go to the Farplane Abyss. Go to the location where you meet Gippal (near the Save Sphere). Have a girl with a Lady Luck Dress Sphere and the abilities Gillionare and Critical learned. Also, be at least level 65. Equip Lure Bracer and if you have it, Iron Duke. Fight in the location slightly under Gippal. You should encounter a worm type fiend. It will be an easy battle because your Lady Luck should do 9999 damage with the Critical ability. The other two girls should be Dark Knights. When you defeat him, he will drop 6,000 gil which will double to 12,000 with the Gillionare ability. You can also try equipping Key To Success, and having more than one Lady Luck with Gillionare.

Chapter 5: Bonus treasure chest
Go to the Farplane by speaking to Brother on the bridge of the Celsius and choose "Besaid Temple" as the hole that you want to jump into. Defeat Shiva, The Magus Sisters, and Anima. After that, use the Save Sphere to return to the Celsius. Next, return to the Bridge and talk to Brother and choose to go to "Kilika Temple". You will reach the Farplane Abyss again. Use the Save Sphere near Leblanc and the others to return to the Celsius. When you reach the Farplane Abyss again, use the Save Sphere to return to the Celsius. Then speak to Brother and enter via Bevelle. Once you are back at the Farplane Abyss again, return to the Celsius via the Save Sphere and talk to Brother one last time then enter via the Calm Lands Gorge. You will make it down to the last large platform. At the bottom, a bonus treasure chest will appear. You can get the Meggido Garment Grid from it.

Chapter 5: Machina Maw Break Damage Limit
Go to Mushroom Rock and compete in the tournament by talking to all the people around the entrance. Someone will take you to compete in it. Once you have finished the tournament, go to the elevator that takes you to the headquarters of Youth League, but do not take it to the right of it around where you see Wakka. Hit the captain of the crusaders. There will be a treasure box containing the Break Damage Limit for Rikku's special Dress Sphere. Note: It is unclear whether you need to win the tournament for it to appear.

Chapter 5: Maechen's secret
During Chapter 3, make sure you complete the Monkey Matching game in the Zanarkand Ruins. During Chapter 5, return to Zanarkand and an intermission sequence will play. After the scene is over, Maechen will appear. Talk to him and he will ask you if you want to hear more about Vegnagun. Select "Yes" and he will tell you the story behind Vegnagun. Rikku will ask Maechen how he knows so much, and Maechen's deepest secret will be revealed.

The man speaking the in Dress Sphere obtained on Mt. Gagazet in the second mission is Maechen. In Chapter 5, Maechen tells Yuna that he is an unsent and he did not remember this until he shook her hand. Maechen will say that it made him remember the time when he shook Lenne's hand a 1,000 years before. The man in the Dress Phere talks about how he could not believe he got a ticket (Lenne is a songstress) and got to shake "her" hand. If this is not convincing enough, the voice of the man in the Black Mage Dressphere is the same voice of Maechen.

Defeating Aeons
When fighting the Aeons such as Shiva or Ifrit, use the Garment Grid Tetra Master. It makes it a lot easier if you are attacking with the four elements.

Defeating Angra Mainyu
Angra Mainyu has 333,444 HP. Before the battle, stock up Gems, Elixirs, Mega-Potions, Mega-Phoenixes and X-Potions. The Boss has three parts: Angra Mainyu, Tawrich, and Zarwich. Angra Mainyu does not have too powerful attacks, but look out for Flare. It can deal up to 9,999 damage. He also has Perdition's Flame, which reduces HP to about half. Those are the only attacks to be concerned about from Angra. Tawrich has an attack that is done the eighth turn every time that deals about 100 damage and also puts Silence, Darkness, Poison, and sometimes Confuse statuses on each character. When this happens, have an Alchemist use Mix with two Remedies. Zarwich has one attack of concern that takes four points from your main stats and drains MP. Start the battle by having an Alchemist always mixing Holy Water and any type of Gem to do about 10,000 damage. Have a White Mage heal the party when needed. Also, cast Protect and Shell, just in case. Have an offensive class (Dark Knight recommended) to attack the entire time. Fight him when at about level 50 to 60. After defeating him, you will get a ribbon and only 4,300 experience points.

Cast Reflect on the center person. When it casts cure on itself, it will instead go on to one of your party members.

Do not attempt this battle unless your team at least level 70. Use two Dark Knights (preferably Yuna and Paine) and one Alchemist that has Stash: Mega Potion and the ability that cuts item usage time by 80%. Have your Dark Knights use Darkness constantly, your Alchemist use Stash: Mega Potion constantly. Be careful when Angra Mainyu goes to revive the Tawrich and Zarich. They have 5,650 HP each and Angra Mainyu can use Perdition's Flame if either one is alive. If you do not have a lot of HP when she casts that attack, you will not survive. If you have any Ribbons and Speed Bracers, use them here. Have plenty of Star Curtains to keep Reflect going as Angra Mainyu can cast Dispel and Flare. Using this strategy will enable you to take her out in about thirty minutes.

Have all of your characters up to about level 60. Have Paine know Darkness for the Dark Knight Dress Sphere, Yuna know Magicide for the Samurai, and Rikku know Mega-Potions or the Alchemist. It is also a good idea for someone to have either the White Signet GG or the White Magic Lore and know most of the White Magic skills. Once you start the fight, have Paine use Darkness to knock out the arm things. They have about 5530 HP. Have Yuna use Magicide on the center monster, and have Rikku keep everyone alive. Focus on destroying the center monster's MP. Once that is taken care of, destroy the two arms and waste the rest of your MP. The center monster will waste the rest of its time trying to drain your non-existent MP, leaving you free to attack it until it dies. Using a Warrior's Assault can help this go by faster.

Wait until Chapter 5 to fight Angra Mainyu. Although he is most powerful in Chapter 5, you can defeat him easily if you go to Bevelle first. The Kindaguardians have found something of interest. Save, then enter, You need to get to level 40. Every 20 levels, there is a Boss; exit and save. You can exit by stepping on the blue thing on the ground ones you enter. When you defeat the Black Elemental, it turns into a chest and gives you some great items. It has the Cat Nip item. This allows you to hit for 9,999 points when your health is in yellow no matter what you do. Give it to a Gunner. Use Trigger Happy and you will hit him for 9,999 about ten times. Keep doing this until you win.

Make sure that you have three Gun Mages with Mighty Guard, White Wind, Absorb, and Annihilator. First, cast Mighty Guard. Keep firing Annihilators at Angra Mainyu. It will do 9,999 damage each time. At times, Tawrich will cast Bloody Breath on your party. If he chooses to do this, then cast White Wind. When you are running low on MP, absorb from Zarwich or Angra Mainyu. Watch out for Perdition's Flame, as it will take out half or all of your life sometimes, and for Flare as it will take it all out. Stock up on Phoenix Downs, Megalixirs and Mega Potions.

You must be at least level 35 and have guards against Confusion, Alchemist with Mix learned, Gun Mage with Annihilator Blue Bullet (learn from level 5 experiment), Dark Knight with high HP and Darkness, as well as 99 High Potions, 99 Potions, 99 Ethers, 99 Phoenix Downs, and as many Mega Phoenix Downs as possible. Have the Alchemist mix a High Potion and a Potion to get a Mega Potion every turn, unless Bloody Breath is used. When this occurs, mix two Remedys. Have the Dark Knight use Darkness unless someone is killed. When that happens, use a Phoenix Down or Mega Phoenix Down. If only one person is alive, have them use a Mega Phoenix or mix one with a Phoenix Down. Have the Gun Mage use Annihilator and when she runs out of MP, use an Ether or Turbo Ether on herself. By doing this, you should rarely see Perdition's Flame. If you do, have the Alchemist mix a Turbo Ether with a High Potion.

Defeating Anima
When facing Anima in Chapter 5, all he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again.

Defeating Bahamut
Use a highly advanced special Dress Sphere and heal when he counts down for the big attack. Note: This will be a long battle.

Defeating Baralai
Raise your characters to about level 25. Have Yuna as a White Mage and use her Prayer ability. Have Rikku and Paine as warriors. Make sure one of the warriors have the Assault ability. This will cause the warriors to kill Baralai in at least thirty seconds.

Have everyone at level 25 and set them all as Thieves. When the battle starts, simply use a Chocobo Wing to put the entire party under Haste. After this, hold [X]. You should be able to defeat him in about two or three turns. Also, since Thieves are the fastest class, he should not have much time to attack you.

Have Yuna as a Gunner, Rikku as a Thief, and Paine as a Warrior. Watch for his major attacks. Have someone be a Curer with Potions and Phoenix Downs.

Defeating Black Elemental
Note: This is the Boss on the 40th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Enter the fight with all three of your characters as Gunners that have mastered the Table Turner ability. Before the battle, equip all of your characters with an accessory that protects against Berserk. As soon as the battle starts, have all three use Table Turner. This should do massive amounts of damage to the Boss, since his defense is 255 with some luck you can kill him before he gets a chance to cast Ultima.

The Black Elemental is found on the 40th floor in Via Infinito at Bevelle. He can cast Flare which can cause 9,999 damage. An easy way to defeat it is to have a White Mage or someone else cast Reflect on the entire party. The Black Elemental has almost no physical attacks. All of its attacks will be reflected back, even Flare. Keep attacking while it hurts itself to quickly defeat it.

Ultima cannot be reflected, so Auto-Reflect will only work for awhile. For a quick and easy win, have a Dark Knight with 5000 Hp use Charon. To get more HP, use Bangles, or better yet, Adamantite.

Defeating Chac
Note: This is the Boss on the 80th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Chac is a unique Boss, since it has the ability to Stone your characters even if they are equipped with accessories that nullify Stone. Also, there is a good chance that he will Oversoul at the start of the battle. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with the Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned. Make sure your Gunner is also equipped with the Cat Nip accessory and is using the Highroad Winds Garment Grid. This will let your Gunner attack as soon as the battle starts. After this is done, lower your gunner's HP until it is in the yellow range. Try using the central lift, kill your Gunner, then bringing them back to life after you have killed the enemies. It is important that you do not save your game, as this will completely heal your gunner. As soon as the fight, starts have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss on each hit made with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Softs and Phoenix Downs on anyone that needs it. Remember to give your Gunner first priority for healing. After hitting Chac with Trigger Happy three to five times, he should be defeated.

Get a Berserker or Rikku's Mascot: Instinct. Then, use Eject. You might miss a few times, but it will work.

If you are somewhat weak, try using two Berserkers (they are quick and strong if you are able to use them as attackers, if only to delay her slightly), or Alchemists with items level 2 (you will need to use Phoenix Downs and Softs quickly). Either of those choices should also include a member with Speed Bracer and a Gunner with Trigger Happy level 3, Critical HP, Sprint Shoes (or Speed Bracer), and Cat Nip. Use Trigger Happy immediately; with Sprint Shoes you will start with full ATB. Try to get at least 11 hits. Repeatedly do this until she is dead, using items with the other two. Do not bother healing unless you are strong enough to survive her attacks. She should be defeated after four Trigger Happy barrages if the total hits equal 41 or 42. If it is a New Game+, have more Gunners with Cat Nip and she will be defeated faster.

Have all your characters over level 60. Equip everyone with the Gunner Dress Sphere. Learn Trigger level 3. Equip The Cat Nip to everyone, plus one other accessory of your choice. Have all your characters in the yellow before going into the battle so that the Cat Nip is effective from the start. Go into battle and have the first girl use her Gunner Happy. Press [R1] very fast. When there is only a few seconds remaining on her Trigger Happy, get the next person to start their Trigger Happy, and so fourth using the same technique. Doing this correctly should have the Boss delayed to attack, because your are continuously hitting Chac with the Trigger Happy.

Defeating Coeurls and Queen Coeurls
Have someone cast Reflect at the beginning of battle. This eliminates the devastating magic attacks, and it will take damage instead of your party. Next, have an accessory or ability equipped that is death proof. When it uses its Blaster attack, you will have 1 HP remaining instead of an automatic K.O. You are invincible against Coeurls now, since it never uses physical attacks.

Defeating Concherer
Note: This is the Boss on the 60th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Before entering this fight, there are a number of things you must do. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned and equip them with the Cat Nip accessory. After this is done, you need to lower your Gunner's HP until it enters the yellow range. Try using the central lift and killing your Gunner off, then bring them back to life after killing the enemies. With these steps done, you are now ready to take on Concherer. It is very important that you do not save your game. Doing so will completely heal your Gunner. As soon as the fight starts, have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss for every hit you make with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Phoenix Downs to bring back any downed allies. If there are none, then they should be using a Phoenix Down on your Gunner even if they are still alive. It should take your gunner two to three turns to take down this deadly Boss.

Defeating the Machina Panzer Boss
Defeating the Machina Panzer Boss at the Thunder Plains in Chapter 4, depends on what you did in Chapters 3, 4,and perhaps 5. In random battles of those chapters, you may have noticed little annoying enemies called Watchers. Kill them first in every battle by only attacking and using no other abilities. Each of the Watchers came from the Machina Panzer. The Watchers report each and every skill that was used, and those abilities will be sealed from being used in battle with the Boss. The Machina Panzer can use those abilities in the battle. As the battle continues, more Watchers appear, scanning your abilities. Kill them first, then continue to attack the Boss and the battle should end quickly.

Defeating the Magus Sisters
When facing the Magus Sisters in chapter 5, focus all your attacks at the little one first, because she has the lowest HP. If you kill her first, then they will not be able to perform their Overdrive. Next, go after the tall one since she has a strong attack. Do not forget to cast Shell and protect on yourself. Just keep hitting them until they die.

To defeat them easily, level up and have a high HP. Then, focus your attacks on the fatter sister so they cannot use Delta Attack. As long as she is alive, they can use that attack. Then, attack the taller one. Heal if necessary. Finally, attack the smaller one. It may be difficult, but it is effective.

There are two ways to go about this. First, it is recommended that you defeat Cindy first. This will take away their chance of healing and Not-So-Mighty Guard. She has a lot of health, so this will not be easy. Start the battle with a White Mage and two strong attackers. Be sure you have about ten X-Potions and a few Mega Phoenix. Try using a Samurai with Fireworks and Fingersnap. Fireworks is extremely strong and is capable of over 900 damage to each character. At first, have both of your attackers take down Cindy quickly. Have your White Mage cast Protect first, then Shell, or use accessories that nullify elemental damage; Mindy can cast those very quickly. Chances are they will execute at least one Delta Attack. After this, have your attackers use an X-Potion and have your White Mage cast Curaga. It is likely that Mindy will use magic before you can heal, but if she uses Passado, it will do no damage all fourteen times. Use Dispel and Fingersnap on the other two after Cindy is dead. Then, focus on Sandy, then Mindy. If you use a Samurai, the Nonpearil skill will guarantee a hit every time. Keeping your party healed is crucial to this battle. Have your White Mage cast either Cura or Cure throughout the entire battle. Prayer will be too weak and if you leave them un-Shelled, Mindy's magic and Passado will to tremendous damage. Sandy's Razzia will also leave you in trouble, but Shell will decrease the damage about half, and Protect will also cut Passado's damage considerably. Using Haste or Chocobo Feathers will also be beneficial, as you can score more hits on Cindy or whatever sister you choose to eliminate first.

Have a party of everyone at least at level 40. If you are not at this high of a level, train near Shiva's Save Sphere. Have a Dark Knight use Darkness every turn, a Berserker attack Mindy quickly, and an Alchemist mixing a Potion and a Hi-Potion every turn. Once the Berserker and the Dark Knight have killed Mindy, the fight is easy. Mindy's Passado attack can do up to 1,500 points of damage; so kill her quickly. If done correctly, you may never see the deadly Delta Attack. Mindy has 9,788 HP, Sandy has 10,330 HP, and Cindy has 12,240 HP.

Defeating Mega Tonberry
On the 41st floor and above in Via Infinito, the Mega Tonberry will appear. You can also avoid it, but if you accidentally run into it, you will have a very difficult battle. If you are level 75 or below, you have no chance of defeating it except by extreme luck. The best chance of defeating it at a low level is to use the Cat Nip with the level 3 Trigger Happy strategy. Even sp, you might not be able to defeat it if you do not hit it enough, as it has 48,600 HP. It also has no advantages to fighting it, as it only results in 2,600 experience points, little gil, and only 2 or 3 AP. The best strategy is to just avoid it.

Defeating Shinra
To defeat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament during Chapters 3 and 5, have at least one Coin that has Coin Count Echo ability. To do a Coin Count Echo, use the same number of Coins to get a Core Break as many times as possible. For example, if Core says to make a multiple of 9, use the Coins 5 and 4. If the Core says to make a multiple of 8, use the Coins 4 and 4. The Echo Bonus will keep adding up and will eventually add a major bonus to the quota required (for Shinra it is 50). Shinra's Core Sphere sometimes messes your Echo Bonus by requiring you to make a multiple of 1. If this happens in the last few turns of the match, select as many Border Coins as possible without using them all. Defeat Shinra and you will receive the Lady Luck Dress Sphere. Note: If Coins on the grid contain Item or Rare in their abilities, use them and you may receive the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid.

Defeating Shiva
At the beginning of Chapter 5, talk to Rikku's brother. He will ask you five things. Choose the first option twice and you will go to a hole inside Shiva's temple. Keep going down and you will find Shiva. She is quite weak, but there is one thing she can do. She will use Heavenly Strike on you. When that happens, your character will be frozen and will not be able to move for about four turns. Try to level up a lot and use Haste because she is very fast. Have someone cast Shell and Protect so that the damage will be reduced. When that is done, keep hacking at her until she dies.

Defeating Shuyin
When you fight Shuyin, attack with all the party members as a Gunner. Use the level 3 Trigger Happy every round and use a Hi Potion when needed. If your Trigger Happy does 150 to 200 damage, you should defeat him in less than five rounds.

Defeating Trema
After fighting Paragon at the bottom of the Via Infinito, you have to fight Trema without getting any chance to heal. He has 999,999 HP and will attack you about three times before you have a chance to attack. Have two Dark Knights with high defenses and magic defenses equipped with anything to raise both defenses. Have the remaining girl a Gunner with the Catnip accessory and anything to raise Luck. All need the Higher Power Garment Grid. The Dark Knights are to be both a healer and an attacker (one or the other). The Gunner needs yellow HP in order to be useful. Once the battle starts, use a Stamina Tonic followed by a Megalixer. Once you have taken half his HP, he will use Meteor. If you have Protect on all your people, then only the Gunner will fall. Just revive her and unleash the Trigger Happy Level 3. After you have taken away 75% of his HP, he will use Meteor again. Before you take any more of his HP away, drain all 999 of his MP so he cannot cast Ultima after he loses 85% of his HP. He only uses Meteor twice and Ultima once. Protect can be difference between winning and losing in this battle even if you are at maximum level. If desired, you can also steal Dark Matter from him (using the Treasure Hunter Garment Grid) and use it on him, just as long as you have the Invincible equipped on that person.

Have all your characters to at least level 90. All three of them need to have the Valiant Lustre Garment Grid equipped. Two of them should be Warriors with the Sentinel ability. They should both be wearing a Crystal Bangle and a Champion Belt for accessories. The third character should be a Gunner with Trigger Happy level 3 with the Cat Nip accessory and a Sprint Bracer equipped. The Gunner should also have either Pilfer MP as Thief or Absorb MP as a Black Mage. Once the battle with Trema begins, have both your Warriors drop into Sentinel defense. They become almost invincible, with everything except magic doing only 1 damage, including Meteor as it is considered physical and not magic. Before actually attacking Trema, drain all his MP right off; no Demi randomly thrown in, and no Ultima after you knock off 85% of his health. Do not use Soul Srings to do this. Soul Springs will eventually wear-off and he can begin again. Also, he will use a lot of magic the moment he can if you have really hurt him. Instead, have your Gunner change to either a Thief with Pilfer MP or a Black Mage with Absorb MP and take his MP that way. There is no way for him to get it back now. Once his MP is out of the way, revert her back into Gunner, and let Trema kill her. Keep one Warrior in Sentinel mode, and use the other to revive the Gunner with a Phoenix Down. Once she is up, she will be at Critical HP. Then, just keep the Warriors in Sentinel, while you hammer on Trema with the Gunner's Trigger Happy, using the Cat Nip to slaughter him. He can still use Meteor, and will after 50% of his health, and again after 75%, never again. Your Gunner will not survive it, but your Sentineled Warriors will not suffer more than 20 damage. Use one to revive the Gunner, then continue. Whenever the Gunner dies, use a Warrior to revive, keep the other in Sentinel, and continue. If your Warrior's health drops below 4,000 while reviving the Gunner, just put that one back in Sentinel and have the Gunner heal the Warriors before continuing her assault on Trema. About the only things you will use up for items are X-Potions and Phoenix Downs, rather than Mega-Pheonixs, Soul Springs, Elixirs, Megalixirs, and Mega-Potions, as well as Pheonix Downs, and X-Potions (as most of the other strategies for Trema end up with you having to use them).

Defeating Vegnagun
Have all of your characters above level 45. Have two of your characters equip the Dark Knight Dress Sphere and the other with the Alchemist. Equip the Dark Knights with any accessories that boosts their health up to 9000. Equip the Alchemist with the anything that raises her defense. Defeating Vegnagun is easy. Use the Dark Knight's Darkness attack every round and have the Alchemist use her stock of Mega Potions or Mix Potion with a Hi Potion every round. Repeat this until you defeat Vegnagun.

First, train Yuna, Rikku and Paine to at least level 45. Then, have all of them equipped with Black Knight Have all of them have an item that raises their HP to over 4,000 Make sure they all know the ability Black Sky, which does multiple damage up to 400 on each hit. Make sure at least two of your characters know Charon, which can do up to 9,999 damage. You can defeat Vegnagun very quickly if done correctly. The Tail has the most HP. The legs are a little tricky. There are three nodes. Do not worry about attacking them because you will not win. They each have 30,0000 HP. The legs are very weak. Only the nodes attack. Attack the and leg it should be killed in one hit if you use Charon. The torso is difficult unless you use Black Sky on it until you run out of MP. Then use Charon two times, but make sure that the character that does not use it has a lot of health -- the legs that guard will return to life. They can kill you quickly. They do 2,000 damage, but Black Sky will take care of them in the beginning.

Have one or two characters as Mascot at level 99 with any Garment Grid with the Break Damage Limit or HP Limit ability on it. Next, attach an accessory with either Break Damage Limit or HP Limit. Have the last girl as a Gunner and attach the same items as the other two, but in addition attach a Cat Nip. When you fight Vegnagun, kill your Gunner and revive her. Make sure she is weak and use Trigger Happy. Because of the Cat Nip, Trigger Happy will hit for 9,999 damage all the time. One of the other girls of them should heal the Gunner and the other should fight with the Gunner. Note: Cat Nip works when you are weak, when your HP is yellow. Also, you can only get Cat Nip in Chapter 5.

Defeating Yojimbo
Get the Alchemist Dress Sphere. After learning Mega-Potion, make a party with two offensive jobs and one Alchemist. Equip something that prevents Poison and also equip a Regen Bangle. Yojimbo also has a pet dog that is not difficult, but is annoying when Yojimbo casts his spell and lowers the party's HP to 1. He always attacks you. Start the battle by having the Alchemist use Stash Mega-Potion. Have the other two classes keep attacking Yojimbo. When Yojimbo uses his attack, the Mega-Potion will heal the party by 2000. Repeat this until Yojimbo is defeated.

Go to Zanarkand Ruins then go to the next section. The woman on the left will sell you items. Buy six Titanium Bangels, and level up to level 35 or higher. Have everybody on Warrior, except for Yuna. Make sure Rikku has the Unerring Path Garment Grid. Then, have everybody attack him at least three times. Next, have Rikku Sphere Change into her Special Dress Sphere. Then, keep using any attack on Yojimbo. He will use a move that will drop your HP down to one. After that, keep using HP Repair on everybody (Rikku first). However, you will eventually die. Yojimbo should be very tired by then. Have Paine and Yuna finish him off.

When fighting Yojimbo in Chapter 3, he use his attack that leaves you with 1 HP and 1 MP about the first seven turns into the battle. You can tell when he is not using it because you have to wait for his attacks ,like Kozuka or his slash attack. You are in active mode when he is charging for his Ultimate Slash; get everyone ready to throw a Hi-Potion, X-Potion, or Mega Potion over people then attack. Wear something that protects you against Poison (such as Star Pendant) and something that increases your strength (such as Wristband). He has around 10,000 HP. It is recommended that your characters be at levels 30 to 35. His dog is annoying when he attacks you on low HP, but quickly Phoenix Down the fainted people then continue healing and bashing Yojimbo at the same time.

Make sure that Rikku has Vajra on her special Dress Sphere. Keep using Vajra and get the Smasher and the Crusher to use HP Repair to cure everyone's HP. To make the battle easier, use offense with either Smasher or Crusher on Rikku to make her Vajra attack more powerful. You can tell when Yojimbo is going to use Zanmoto when he puts up his fingers in the air. When he does this, heal Rikku first then the other two. Do this quickly, because his dog attacks one of your people. Also make sure Rikku has Revival so that if the dog kills one of your characters you can just heal them.

Defeating Bosses
This trick requires one of the three character's special Dress Spheres. Have one of your characters have the Unerring Path Garment Grid. Have that character change to the other Dress Sphere. Then, have that character change into their special one. Have that character continue to attack and heal when needed. Note: This works very well for Yuna. Have one of the Petals to do Dream Pollen and have the other one use the version of Regen on all parts. Then, continue to do Dream Pollen and heal with the version of Cure. Have the part of Yuna use any attack. This strategy does not require for any of the Dress Spheres to have been played with.

Easy battles
Equip your weakest character with the Gunner Dress Sphere and the Cat Nip accessory. When the enemy kills your weakest character, revive her with a Phoenix Down. Since she is weak, the Cat Nip accessory will take affect. Use Trigger Happy. With every shot of Trigger Happy, you will do 9999 points of damage.

After you get the Dark Knight Dress Sphere, it has the attack Darkness that hits all enemies on the screen. However, it takes HP to use this attack. If you equip the Ragnarok accessory that disables MP use when casting spells, then you can use the Darkness attack and it will not take any HP. This is very helpful against the huge fiend in the desert.

Use the following trick to kill any Boss with ease. First, you need the Cat Nip accessory, which is obtained by killing the Boss at level 40 of the Bevelle Dungeon. Equip it to any girl and have them use the Lady Luck Dress Sphere. Have Lady Luck learn Four Dice and you are all set. During the battle, kill off your Lady Luck character, then revive her with a Phoenix Down. Keep the Lady Luck girl's HP in the yellow to activate the Cat Nip's special ability -- when your HP is in the yellow all attacks will deal 9,999 damage or healing items will heal 9,999. Use this is combination with Four Dice and you can kill any Boss with ease. Note: If your luck is not that good, then you can substitute Lady Luck with Gunner and use a level 3 Quick Trigger. This trick is especially useful when battling Trema.

This strategy works best later in the game. Have Yuna with Alchemist Dress Sphere and use Stash Mega Potion to heal the group 2m000 health. At times when everyone has full health, mix a Holy Water and any gem to do about 10,000 damage. Have Rikku or Paine and equip one with the Dark Knight and the other with the Berserker Dress Sphere. Have the Dark Knight continuously cast Darkness and the Berserker cast Howl then Berserk. Most Bosses can be taken out in no time.

Have Yuna master both Black and White Mage Dress Spheres. Then, equip her with Black and White Lores.

Note: This trick also works for Black Mages. Set your cursor to "Memory" in the configuration menu. Set up any combination of Dress Spheres including a White Mage. Then, enter a battle in a fairly easy location. Have your White Mage Pray, another character attack, and the other doing anything that does not use MP. If you are using a Black Mage, learn Focus and have them use that. Once you have your pattern set up, tape [X] down. After the battle, equip the Lure accessory then tape any D-Pad direction. This will allow the game to keep fighting, and your characters will continue doing what you set up for them because of the memory function ([X] is still held).

Have Yuna as a White Mage, Rikku as a Berserker, and Paine as Dark Knight. When you use Yuna, you can heal easily. Dark Knight is useful with Black Sky, and Rikku as a Berserker helps when hurt depending on HP.

Have Rikku as a Gun Mage, Yuna as a Songstress, and Paine as a Samurai. Songstress can help by using Jitterbug (hastes and increases your stats with her). Just have Paine attack.

Have Yuna as a trainer, Paine as a Dark Knight with everything useful, and Rikku as a Alchemist using Mega Potions/

Equip the Cat Nip accessory to a Gunner. When the Gunner has less than half of her maximum HP, use Trigger Happy. This will inflict 9999 damage per bullet.

Besaid: Black Lore
In Chapter 3 and 4, go into the village of Besaid and run against the dog that is running around there. This is the same dog that gave you Valefor's secret bonus Overdrive in Final Fantasy 10. If you run at him and press [X] enough, he will cough up the Black Lore, which is an accessory that allows you to use your Black Magic.

Besaid: Getting Break Damage Limit for Floral Fallal
There is a treasure chest under the bridges in Besaid Island. What is inside depends on the Chapter that you are in. If you got the Floral Fallal in Chapter 2, come here in Chapter 5 and the item will be the key item Twilight Rain, which allows Yuna's Floral Fallal to learn Break Damage Limit.

Bevelle: Easy experience
When you first go to the restricted area in Bevelle, with Leblanc and her goons, you will eventually reach a room with giant pillars all around it. When you touch them, a glyph will light up and you will enter a battle. You will find a pillar that when touched will result in a Boss battle. It has no feet. After you defeat it, you can walk back up to the pillar and fight it again. To win easily, cast Reflect. The Boss only uses magic, so it will never hit you. It can hit you with Demi, but that spell cannot kill you. Steal from it to get Mana Springs (double maximum MP during battle). You will get 700 experience points for winning and 800 gil. If it goes into Oversoul, make sure to steal from it to get a Recovery Bracer (always Auto-Regen). It results in 1,500 experience points and 1,600 gil in Oversoul. Watch out for his swinging claws; they actually can do damage.

Bikanel Desert: Rikku's Special Dress Sphere
Go to Bikanel Desert during chapter 2. Nhadala thinks something that strange is happening near the Oasis. Talk to the pilot twice and ask him to go to the Oasis. When you arrive, go to the waters edge and you will get Rikku's Special Dressphere Machina Maw. Note: You can only get the sphere in chapter 2

Calm Lands: Besaid Key
In Chapter 3 when you have to fight all the Aeons, go to the Calm Lands cave where you obtained Yojimbo. You will be assigned to a mission. Complete it, and the man that you rescue in the mission will give you the Besaid Key.

Calm Lands: Chocobo shortcut
Go to the travel agency next to Shinra's Commsphere. There is a miniature Chocobo just to the left of the Commsphere. Select it, and you will be given an option to be transported to the Chocobo Ranch.

Chamber of Fayth: Aurora's Rain
In Chapter 3 where you must fight the Aeons, go to the cave northeast of the Calm Lands where you obtained Yojimbo. The cave is also called Fayth Scar. You will be assigned a mission to rescue the people from the cave. Rescue the people and they will give Spheres from which you can make the cave's teleporter (the last one) work. After rescuing the people, go to the teleporter and go to the Chamber of Fayth. Defeat Yojimbo and you will be transported back to the Airship. Go to the Chamber of Fayth again to get Aurora's Rain, which lets Floral Fallal exceed 9999 HP.

Chocobo Ranch: Easy access
It is still possible to attain the Chocobo Ranch even if you only talked to Clasko once or even not at all. Simply go to the ranch (where the Monster Arena was in the Calm Lands in Final Fantasy 10). Clasko will be waiting there. He starts to complain that he almost got his dream location. You will then go inside and fight some normal Fiends. Once completed, you will have access to the Chocobo Ranch.

Djose Temple: Yuna's Special Dress Sphere
During chapter 2 when you look for three uniforms, at the Djose Temple head south to the Djose Highroad until the party sees some of Leblanc's goons near a hover. In the intermission sequence, you will hear them saying that they lost a sphere. Continue south, battling enemies. Down the road, look for the sphere on the floor containing Yuna's special dress.

Fiend Colony
You can only get access to the Fiend Colony if you did the Chocobo Ranch mission with Clasko. Send some Chocobos to the Mi'Ihen Highroad until Clasko says that the Chocobo have found some kind of secret dungeon. Your best chance is to send a level 3 or higher Chocobo. Inside are a lot of good items, such as a White Tomb, Elixirs, Black Tomb, and more. There is also a maze inside. You have to use bombs to blow open walls to get into the next room. If you run out of them, fight the bug-like creatures inside the cave to get more. You have to find the correct wall to blow though. To learn if you can blow through a wall, look at Yuna's skirt and see if it is moving as if being blown by a light breeze. If so, you can blow open that wall. Be careful; if you hit a wrong wall sometimes you will have to fight an Epitaph. At the end there is a Boss, King Vermin. He is not difficult to defeat, he uses and absorbs fire. When you defeat him, you will get a Garment Grid.

Luca: Third Dress Sphere for Paine
Enter the tournament in Luca after you defeat Valefor at the Bevelle Temple after the fiend problems. After you enter the tournament, the meter on the upper right will read "Win 0 Lost 0". You need three wins to enter the finals. If you get three loses, you are automatically disqualified from the tournament, causing you not to get the Dress Sphere.

Mt. Gagazet: Connection between Maechen and Sphere
When reach the top of Mt. Gagazet to get the Sphere that Boris is guarding, wait until you get to Mushroom Rock Road to view it. Complete the mission, then find Maechen next to the Headquarters of the Youth Leagues tent. Once you have completed this and have listened to his story, he will ask you to shake his hand. Once you do this, go back to your ship and talk to Shinra to watch the sphere, Zanarkands Prime. Notice that the man in the spheres says something familiar to what Maechen requested you to do.

Macalania Woods: Unerring Path Garment Grid
In Macalania Woods in Chapter 1, find Tromell in the woods. Talk to him four times to initiate four different scenes. On the fourth scene, he will give you Paine's special Dressphere, Full Throttle, and the Unerring Path Garment Grid. This grid has only two slots; changing into special Dresspheres is extremely easy.

Macalania Woods: Paine's Special Dress Sphere
Go to Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 Go to the area where Auron took you to get your first Jecht Sphere in Final Fantasy 10. It located is near the exit (where you go to Rin's Traveling Service) to the right. When you get there, talk to Tromell four times to get the special sphere.

It is also possible to get Paine's Special Dressphere in Chapter 2. Go to Macalania in Chapter 2 and follow the lightning path. When you reach the end of it, you will see four paths, Choose the top-right path and there should be a musician standing at the end. He will tell you to find his friends. Search the Macalania forest area (which is a small one) and stand between every set of butterflies you see. Once you find his friends, go back and talk to him. Then, get out of that area and re-enter. You will see Tromell there. Talk to him four times to get Paine's Dress Sphere.

Moonflow: Helios Garnment Grid
In the Moonflow area in Chapter 1, when you enter the location, a Hypello begs for help. Help him and make sure none of the cargo is stolen by the bandits. When you get to the end of the area, Tobli will give you the Gun Mage Dressphere, a circlet, and the Helios Guard Garment Grid. If even one of the cargo is stolen you will receive only the Gun Mage Dressphere. This garment grid has four slots. When equipped, you can use Protect on the whole party and also gives you SOS Protect.

Secret scene
Get to the scene after Djose Temple where Yuna falls into the gaping hole and ends up on the farplane. First, she meets Shuin. Later, Shuin goes away and then the three main leaders of New Yevon, Youth Alliance, and Al Bhed appear. After they give Yuna a couple of Akagi Spheres, the scene will change. Suddenly Yuna will be in a black room with a spotlight on her. In this scene, you can walk around the dark room for a few seconds. If you continuously press [Circle] during that time, you will be presented with a secret scene. It is called "The Whistling Scene", and you will see Yuna scream then hear a faint whistle. She looks over to see a shadow of Tidus. She will then run after Tidus and follow him along a path until he disappears and she returns to the airship. Remember, do not stop pressing [Circle] button until you are sure the scene has finished. Note: You need to do this secret scene to get the "perfect ending".

Easy AP
Use this trick to easily master your Spheres. First, get the Key To Success accessory, which doubles everything (HP, MP, AP earned, experience earned, etc.), and the AP Egg accessory, which triples the amount of AP earned. Equipping both of these to one character turns one AP into six. Go out and buy 99 of any one item (Potions recommended). Enter battle against a fairly easy opponent, and each turn have the characters use a Potion on themselves. Since using items gives you AP, and you have the two accessories equipped, watch those Spheres get mastered in no time.

This trick requires the Lure Bracer and the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid (obtained from Shinra in Chapter 3 or 5 by adding a coin in the Sphere Break game that says Item or Rare). Set your Cursor to "Memory". Equip everyone with the desired Dress Sphere. Go to a place where the enemies are strong enough to withstand several hits from your party, but not strong enough to kill you easily (such as Zanarkand Ruins, Mt. Gagazet, Calm Lands). Get into a battle. Have everyone use Mug. Each Mug attack used gains 1 AP to your character. It is best if you have the Key To Success and AP Egg, but either way works well.

Easy experience
Go to a place where the enemies do very little damage, such as Besaid, Kilika, etc. Have someone in the White Mage Dress Sphere, and the other two characters in any other Dress Sphere. Set your configuration so that your Cursor is on Memory. Go into battle. Eliminate all but one enemy. Have the White Mage use Pray, and have the other two characters do a move that will not harm the enemy (for example, Sentinal, Steal, Pilfer Gil, etc.) Note: Do a move that does not require MP. Pause game play once they all have their orders. While paused, keep the [X] button held with a rubber band, tape, etc. End the battle once you are done. You will be able to master Dress Spheres easily.

Each time you kill one of Angra Mainyu's side people, he brings him back to life. Since you will be battling there for awhile, you could master a Dress Sphere (Dark Knight and Alchemist mainly)

This trick works in any Chapter. Go to a place where a Save Sphere is located. There must be Fiends at that place. Make sure that your party has lots of HP (more than 2,000). Tape the "Left Analog-stick" in any direction and [X]. Make sure that the Lure Bracer is equipped to make it easier to find Fiends. When [X] is held, you will select "Attack". Your party's strength must be more than 100. To get the most experience points, try this at Mi'ihen Highroad. Here are always Fiends that do little damage here. Beware the huge Black Bird. He is not that easy to defeat. Watch your party's health and heal them if needed.

Easy gil
Once you gain access to digging in Bikanel Desert, dig there. After about ten digs, the robot that travels with you will say "Unidentified Object Approaching". Stand still and on the mini-map you will see a purple arrow approaching you. Stand there and it will go above you, sending you into a battle. This monster may seem impossible at this time, but do not worry; it will only eject you from battle after awhile. Using your Thief, steal from it to get a Megalixer, which sells for 5,000 gil. Then, using your Thief again, use Pilfer Gil and you will usually get anywhere from 1,000 to 2000 gil. Usually the monster will appear on two to three digs in a row. You can easily get up to 23,000 gil in five to ten minutes.

Equip a character with a Lady Luck who has learned Random Reels. If you get "Congrats!", you will automatically get tens of thousands of gil, depending upon the HP of the Fiend. Even low level Fiends may pay out 20,000 gil. Once you have got a system going, you can get "Congrats!" about 80% of the time and make about 300,000 gil in about ten minutes, depending on the Fiends.

Use the following trick for unlimited gil, AP, and experience. In the first mission, just after you fight "????" and two Goons on the stage, run through the first screen to reach a dock where teams of two Goons and two She-Goons constantly appear. Around the boxes on the outer part of the dock is a crouching Moogle which will replenish you HP and MP whenever you talk to it. Hold (or tape) down [X] (or [Circle] in the Japanese version of the game), and allow the game to remain idle there for a little while. Check back every so often to talk to the Moogle to heal then repeat as desired. Each Goon and She-Goon is worth 1 AP, 1 experience point, and 30 gil.

Use the following trick for easy gil, items, and experience. Before doing this, make sure you have a Lady Luck at a very high level (at least 85) with Random Reels mastered; have defeated Via Infinito; have the Highroad Winds Garment Grid; and have the accessory Admantite. Then, equip the Iron Duke (from Via Infinito) and the Admantite on your chosen Lady Luck and have the other two characters as Warriors. Have them equipped with anything that greatly raises magic defense, such as an Oath Veil. Go to the last floor of Via infinito and fight Paragon. As soon as the battle starts, have your warriors use Sentinel and have your Lady Luck use Random Reels as soon as possible. Pause game play to make sure that you get all three sevens in the middle of the reels. This is important, as doing so will mean that "Congrats!" gets used first. After this is done, wait. When "Congrats!" is used, Paragon will run off and you will get between 60,000 and 12,000 gil and between 1 and 20 Dark Matters (up to 30 if

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