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Maximum speed, power, tackling, tricks, etc.
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Left]x3, [Up], [Down]x2.

Pause game play, then hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Up], [Left], [Down]x2, [Right], [Down], [Up], [Left].

Normal size players
Pause game play, then hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Right]x2, [Up], [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left].

All apparel and footwear
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Right]x2, [Left], [Up]x3, [Down], [Left] at the main menu.

All apparel
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Up]x2, [Left], [Up]x3, [Down], [Left] at the main menu.
Long shot goal
Choose Worns and play with him. Shoot by pressing [Circle] and the direction where you want the ball to go. Before he takes the shot, hold [L1]. He should score from there.

Easy goals
When you are at the bottom left or right of the pitch, cross to a nearby player and head it. You will score about 95% of the time and about 60% of the time you will do a classy goal.

Do many skills during a game. This enables a GameBreaker, which is a very easy way of scoring. You can score about 99% of the time.

Easy Skill Billz
When you have a good team in Rule The Street, go to the first course. Play that team and you will always win.

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