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Jan. 19, 2010
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Play as Patty
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Patty. Her abilities are based on Nadia.

Play as Rhombus
Successfully complete Chapter 2 to unlock Cyrus. His abilities are based on Cyrus.
Defeating the Raider Commander
Use an incendiary cannon, two barrel shotgun, sledge hammer, and 35 stimpacks. Note: This was done with a level 9 Cain under the normal difficulty setting.

Carbon: Red Rider BB Gun
In Chapter 1 when you are supposed to kill all the Raiders and save the townspeople of Carbon, rescue all them. Talk to the Vault Dweller after you get into the warehouse to get the Red Rider BB Gun with unlimited ammunition.

Los: Meat Cannon
In the Bridge East level, get to the final save console before entering the warehouse district. Walk to the edge of the map (your character should be facing east) and jump into what appears to be a fall to the death. You will land on an invisible platform. Walk for a short distance (about five seconds) and you will see land to your left. Get about even with it, then jump onto the land. Save the game. On this island are about ten to twenty Ghouls. Dodge all the Ghouls until you reach the ice cream truck. Once there you will find the Meat Cannon. This is the most usefull gun in the game. This weapon packs a serious punch at 369 to 609 damage and has unlimited ammunition.

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