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Nov. 25, 2006
Hidden egg bonuses
Collect the hidden eggs found throughout the game to unlock the following bonuses:

1 egg: Ad for the Eragon and Eldest books
2 eggs: Edward John Speleers commentary
3 eggs: Design commentary
4 eggs: Art direction commentary
5 eggs: Birth Of A Game commentary
6 eggs: Concept art
7 eggs: Orchestra commentary
8 eggs: Saphira commentary
9 eggs: Sienna Guillory commentary
10 eggs: Character concept art
11 eggs: Concept art
12 eggs: Concept art
13 eggs: Robert Carlyle commentary
14 eggs: Sound Effects commentary
15 eggs: Garrett Hedlund commentary
16 eggs: Evolution Of Games commentary
17 eggs: Concept art
18 eggs: Throne Room bonus level

Secret Level: Throne Room
Find all of the hidden eggs in the game at any difficulty to unlock Throne room. This level is an endurance match where you you will battle round after round of Galbatorix's men in front of his throne.

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