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Unlock all Wu Generals
At the title screen, hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] then press [Up], [Down], [Down], [Right], [Left], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down], [Square], [Circle], [X].
Unlock Characters
Cao Cao - Complete any 4 Wei musou modes
Cao Ren - Complete Cao Pi musou mode
Da Qiao - Complete Sun Ce musou mode
Diao Chan - Complete Lu Bu musou mode
Dong Zhuo - Complete Diao Chan musou mode
Gan Ning - Complete Ling Tong musou mode
Guan Ping - Complete Guan Yu musou mode
Huang Gai - Complete any 3 Wu musou modes
Jiang Wei - Complete any 2 Shu musou modes
Liu Bei - Complete any 4 Shu musou modes
Lu Bu - Complete 1 Wei, 1 Shu, and 1 Wu musou modes
Lu Meng - Complete any 2 Wu musou modes
Meng Huo - Complete Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun's musous
Pang De - Complete Ma Chao musou mode
Pang Tong - Complete any 3 Shu musou modes
Sima Yi - Complete any 1 Wei musou mode
Sun Ce - Complete Sun Quan musou mode
Sun Jian - Complete any 4 Wu musou modes
Wei Yan - Complete Huang Zhong musou mode
Xiahou Yaun - Complete Xiahou Dun's musou mode
Xiao Qiao - Complete Zhuo Yu musou mode
Xu Huang - Complete any 3 Wei musou modes
Yuan Shao - Complete Cao Cao musou mode
Yue Ying - Complete Zhuge Liang musou mode
Zhang He - Complete any 2 Wei musou modes
Zhang Jiao - Complete Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian's musous
Zhu Rong - Complete Meng Huo's musou
Zhuge Liang - Complete any 1 Shu musou mode
Zhuo Tai - Complete any 1 Wu musou mode
Zuo Ci - Unlock all of the other characters

Arm Guards
Play the Battle of Si Shui Gate as Dong Zhuo's forces. Kill Sun Jian at the very beginning of the battle. The "A valuable item has been found" message will appear shortly after you kill him. Note: You can do this as any officer, but there is a time limit. You do not need to kill Sun Jian's Sub-Officers. This items prevents damage during charge attacks.

Bodyguard Manual
Play the Guan Yu Escape level under any difficulty setting. Kill Zhang Liao immediately, without letting him escape. Keep killing officers until about gate 3. The special item message will appear. The item is at the beginning of the map. You should have a horse to hurry back there before the caravan is destroyed.

Elephant Harness
Play the Battle of Nan Zhong as the Nanman forces. Do not allow enemies into the main camp and rescue Wu Tugu, King Duosi, and King Mulu.

Fire Orb
Play the Battle of Shi Shui Gate as the Allied forces under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat 200 opponents in less than two minutes.

Green Scroll
Play the Battle of Jie Ting as the Shu forces. Defeat Xu Zhu, then defeat Sima Yi in less than three minutes. This item increases your attack but lowers your defense.

Hex Mark Harness
Play the Battle of Cheng Du as Liu Bei's forces. Defeat Zhang Ren in less than one minute after he appears with his ambush troops.

Light Orb
Play the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains as the Shu forces under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Cao Ren, Zhen Ji, and Xu Zhu in less than five minutes after the battle begins.

Red Hare Harness
Play the Battle of Chang Shan as Yuan Shao's forces. After defeating Lui Bei, Guan Yu, or Zhang Fei, defeat the remaining two generals in less than one minute.

Shadow Harness
Play the Battle of Liang Province as the Allied forces. Defeat Zhang Ji and Hu Zhen in less than 45 seconds after they appear.

Shadow Orb
Play the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains as the Wei forces under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Jiang Wei while Zhuge Liang is still alive.

Storm Harness
Play the Battle of Guan Du as Cao Cao's forces. Defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou in less than 5 minutes after the battle begins.

Tiger Collar
Play the Struggle for Nan Zhong as Meng Huo's forces. Defeat three entire units that contain beastmasters within one minute of starting the battle. This item allows you to start a battle with a tiger.

Way of Musou
Play the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun as the Shu forces. Defeat Xuahou Yuan before Cao Cao arrives. This item allows you to use True Musou regardless of your health status.

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