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Jan. 18, 2009
Jun. 01, 2008
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Cheat mode (Japanese version)
Enter the options menu, then hold [L2] and press [Circle].

Fight as Kohryu
Play through arcade mode until you face Kohryu. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Gallery pictures
Successfully complete the game with a character to unlock their images in the picture gallery.

Survival ranking
Win 100 matches in survival mode as all characters wins put together. Your name will appear in the survival ranking as the character you completed survival mode with.

No blocking mode
Get first place in arcade mode to unlock this option. In this mode, you and your opponent cannot guard (heavy or normal), with the exception of the guard moves (green electric moves) in survival and versus modes.

Low speed mode
Gain a ranking with each character in arcade mode to unlock this option. In this mode, all moves except throws are at half speed but do 200% damage.

High speed mode
Win 100 battles in survival mode with a single character then enter your name in the records to unlock this option. In this mode, all moves except throws are at double speed but do 40% damage.

Hyper beast mode
Win ten fights with a single character in arcade mode and record your name to unlock this option. In this mode, you and opponent are always in hyper beast mode (including the unlimited beast drives).

One fall mode
Win twenty rounds with a single character in survival mode to unlock this option. In this mode, the first fighter to be knocked down (not staggered) is KOed. The first character to fall will lose, but will be invincible to all other attacks.

Looping replay
Press [Triangle] during a replay to play it again.
Jenny: Extra damage with Beast grapple
When in bat form, when you grapple, hold [Triangle] to do double damage.

Raise Beast Change: bar
While fighting someone, if you want to raise your Beast Change bar up more quicker, just keep pressing [Circle] (Beast Change) to get it up at least one bar full each time.

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