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Jul. 11, 2009
Apr. 19, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005

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Cheat Mode
While playing, press [F2] to bring up the input box, then type any of the following cheat codes:

healme # - Add health (# is a number 1-100)
maxammo - Max ammo for current weapon
superdeform - Big feet and head mode
flowerpower 1 - Changes blood to flowers and blood splatter on walls to lip marks
playersonly - Only player can move (may freeze game if active during flashback)
suicide - Suicide
quit - End game
Quick gun
At the start of the game, run though the back door to a gun faster and safer than going to the man at the front. Note: Hit him in the head and he will die faster.

Better sniping accuracy
When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five secounds or until he stops moving around. You can now look around with perfect dead aim accuracy.

More ammunition
Wait until an enemy reloads his weapon before killing him. Kill him before he fires his gun and you will get a full magazine for your weapon.

Ubisoft logo
When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver.

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