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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Get 400k at the start of the game
Complete the first mission - deliver computer parts. Collect scientist on mission 2; when you get back to destination before you contact your empoyer sell the shields + guns on the ship you are flying and you get around 400k+ credits - you only get to fly the ship for that mission anyway.

Mission 3
When going to investigate the broken gate in Brennans Triumph. Having problems getting close to the nacelles to investigate without being blown up by the SQUASH mines? Simply stop by the Argon Free Trading system just north of the goner temple (in cloudbase southwest) and purchase a few Fighter droids. When you get to brennans triumph, release one droid at a time and tell it to FOLLOW one of the squash mines, (make sure your far away when you do this!!) wait a few minutes and before you know it most all of the mines will blow up. You may need to send another droid or two to clear the rest of the mines, there are alot of them.

Shoot the pirate
I was only able to do this once but on your way to investigating Brennans Triumph, the first sector west of cloudbase southwest I was able to make a pirate eject from his ship by firing at him. I guess it was coincidence that an Argon Titan was there firing too, simply shoot the pirate in his space suit (Eh, he'd do the same thing to you if he had the chance ;) ) and take his ship! I made the mistake of not going back and saving this progress however and died later on. A pretty good catch considering there's no chance in hell to take on this ship at the beginning.

Script Editor
Type Thereshallbewings as a case-sensitive code while flying a ship in space.

Unlimited Credits
Enable the script editor and start it. Make a new script and name it as desired. Select the "New line" option. Look for the "Add money to player" line in the "Trade" section. Look for "Number" in the following menu. Enter a large number. Save the script. You can press [R] to run the script when you need credits.

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