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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
After typing in 'dynomite' in the cockpit, hit [Ctrl] + C to turn on/off collisions.
Hit [Ctrl] + I to toggle invulnerable and [Ctrl] + [F12] to destroy whatever you have targeted. Enabling 'dynomite' in simulation mission 2 also adds another waypoint of enemy fighters. Also something fun to try in Prophecy simulator: Get close to or fire on the TCA Base in simulator mission 0. A Dralthi labeled 'hrai Hhallas' will appear. Chase down this Dralthi and destroy it before it jumps out. A quartet of 'hrai Hhallas' Vaktoth will attack you. Defeat them, and proceed with the mission as usual. Instead of ending in the usual place, it will send you to an additional extra end navpoint where you defend the Midway against a trio of Vaktoth.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Easter Eggs Uncovered
Prophecy's hidden 'cheat codes' have finally been found, thanks to ThePanther, Origin guy extraordinare. The codes are as follows...

(Note: During gameplay you can hold down 'Shift' will you type in the codes to stop from activating any ship functions, & it will still work fine.)

'goodtarget': type during spaceflight to change the targetting mode in the cockpit to one similar to that used on the turrets.

'dynomite': the standard debug mode/cheat code. Type during spaceflight.

[Ctrl] + I switches to Invulnerable
[Ctrl] + K(ill) makes your ship selfdesctruct (May Not Work)

[Ctrl] + C Makes you Un-Collidable (You can pass through anything; No missle, laser or ship can hit you. Another form of invulnerability, without the cheats used showing up on the Stats screens. [Ctrl] + [F12]

1. Targeted Friendlies forward shields disappear!

2. Targeted Enemies forward shields disappear! Hit again and it will be destroyed.(On easier settings enemy ship will blow-up with one push)

3. Targeted Friend or Enemy Capital ship sub-target will be destroyed, and the whole ship will blow-up when the bridge and engines are targeted and destroyed.

Note: Of course, you don't get any credit on the killboard, but it does advance you to the next level.

'moretunes': enable the 'radio', which allows you to select individual Cobalt 60 *or* Orchestral tracks during spaceflight. Type during spaceflight.

'alswantsmoreships': type at the simulator mission selection screen, and then follow the on screen commands to allow yourself to fly enemy ships in the simulated missions! Includes the Dralthi, Vaktoth, Devil Ray and both types of Mantas and Morays. Type 'Z' to activate enemy ship selection.

Other fun things to try include: using your Wasps booster pack to ram the Midway or spend several days autosliding until you reach the edge of the universe:) It is also apparently possible to destroy asteriods... if you spend several days straight shooting at them!
Hex Cheats
Unlimited Cannon Ammo, Missiles and Decoys
Use hex editor to edit Prophecy.exe file. Change following hex addresses:

422b7 change hex 48 to 90
65777 change hex 49 to 90
659C9 change hex 48 to 90

By changing the hex digits to 90, you'll have unlimited cannon ammos, missiles, and decoys. No ammo,missile, or decoy will be deducted from your arsenal every time you fire or deploys them, thus giving you unlimited ammo.

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