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Nov. 25, 2005

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Big Head Mode
At the Select Mode screen, enter V 7 times, Q, H.

Big Head, Hands, Feet
At the Select Mode screen, enter Q 7 times, V, H.

Swelling Head
At the Select Mode screen, enter [Space] 7 times, T, H

Ring Skip
At the Options Menu, press V, Q, V, Q, H. Each time you press H, the ring will advance by one.

Ring Select
At the Main Menu, press [Space], T, V, Q 4 times, then press H.

All Wrestlers
At Character Select screen, press V 4 times, [Space] 4 times, Q 4 times and T 4 times. Then press H to open up all the characters.

Secret Rings
At the Main Menu, press [Space], T, V, Q, [Space], T, V, Q and H. Now you have the secret rings.

Instant Win
Highlight a wrestler at the Character Select screen and press [Space], V, T, Q, [Space], V, T, Q and H.

While playing in the Disco ring, throw your opponent out of the ring. Hit T and the wrestlers will do the YMCA. If you do it long enough, the wrestler will get counted out and you will win!

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