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Cheat Mode
Turn the [Caps Lock] on during the game and hold down the [Ctrl] button, then type SPAMSPAMSPAMHUMBUG. Turn off the [Caps Lock] and press the [F9] button, now you can enter these cheats:

cgk max - CGK Levels to Max
crop pop - All Croplands Receive Pods
crop kill - Kill All Pods on Map
egg boy returns - Cause Earthquake
kill - Kill Selected Unit
minimap on/off - Toggle MiniMap is Working Listener is Available
set none - Full Map
place <object name> - Spawn an object at the current location

Object Codes:
Use them with the "place" code:

pod - Energy Pod
sport - Energy Spore
adv gene lab - friendly Advanced Gene Lab
adv psi - friendly Advanced Psi Tower
electric - friendly Electric Tower
collector - friendly Gene collector
gene lab - friendly Gene Lab
healer - friendly Healer
listener - friendly Listener
k3 - friendly Kaliku Mongrel
k2 - friendly Kaliku Thumper
k4 - friendly Kelika Behemoth
k5 - friendly Kelika Leviathan
k1 - friendly Kelika Shaman
m3 - friendly Magha Dervish
m4 - friendly Magha Reaver
m2 - friendly Magha Shadow
m1 - friendly Magha Shaman
m5 - friendly Magha Viper
mine - friendly Mine
adv turret - friendly Plasma Cannon
psi - friendly Psi Tower
refinery - friendly Refinery
relay - friendly Relay Tower
s5 - friendly Sen-Soth Aphid
s4 - friendly Sen-Soth Dhuganaya
s3 - friendly Sen-Soth Myrmidon
s1 - friendly Sen-Soth Shaman
s2 - friendly Sen-Soth Snipe
t5 - friendly Tanu Jubjub
t4 - friendly Tanu Ophidian
t3 - friendly Tanu Raptor
t2 - friendly Tanu Scout
t1 - friendly Tanu Shaman
summoner - friendly Summoner
turret - friendly Turret
weed - Wedd Pod
warp - friendly Warp Device

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