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Achievements (Steam)
10 Coop Wins - Wins 10 games against AI.
10 PvP Wins - Win a total of 10 PvP games.
A Whole New Level - Reach Diamond Rank.
Air Supremacy - Call in a Seeker Strike in 'I'd Do It Again'.
All Hail the King - Win 25 PvP Games in a row.
Back from the brink - Win a multiplayer game after your HQ was below 15% health.
I'm the new Meta - Win a PvP game after having lost your base.
Immaculate Rush - Win a PvP game within 10 minutes.
In Akira's Ashes - Locate Akira Base in 'Armed to the Teeth'.
In the Shadows - Play through the campaign with Operatives.
Iron General - Win a PvP game with only Vehicles.
Kestrel Soars - Save the Operatives in 'Meeting Adjourned'.
Like a Boss - Reach Gold Rank.
Make It Rain - Use the Pudge's Drop Pod ability 500 times.
Medical Marvels - Play through the campaign with the Medic.
Metallurgist - Harvest 20,000 Ore.
Missiles are Better - Unlock Tier 3 Loadouts in 'Armed to the Teeth'.
Never Gonna Give You Up - Donate 1,000 Ore and 400 Energy to your teammate at once.
No Man Left Behind - All Special Units must survive in 'Tryst with Destiny'.
Out of Luck - Lose 5 PvP Games in a row.
Bare Bones - Win a PvP game without any research.
Benevolence - Save all the Civillians in 'Tryst with Destiny'.
Blood and Sweat - Win a PvP game with only infantry units.
Bot Basher - Win a game with more AI players than Human players.
Carry a Big Stick - Unlock Tier 2 Loadouts in 'Armed to the Teeth'.
Centurion - Win a total of 100 PvP games.
Cream of the Crop - Reach Platinum Rank.
Death to the Brotherhood - Destroy all the Pudges in 'Enemy of my Enemy'.
Donor - Donate a total of 10,000 resources (Ore and Energy).
Dualist - Win Games with each race.
Explorer - Find Every Special Area in the Campaign.
Fed for Days - Win 5 PvP Games in a row.
Fight and Flight - Finished all the missions in the campaign.
First Win PvP - Player's first PvP victory.
Flawless Victory - Win a game without losing any unit.
Gladiator - Win an 8-player Free-For-All game.
Go Back to School - Oliver or Aeryn die a total of 5 times.
Heart of Darkness - Destroy the Zali Base before reinforcements arrive in 'Enemy of my Enemy'.
Heart of Gold - Save all the Rebels in 'Enemy of my Enemy'.
Hello, Is there anybody out there? - Choose to fix the Radio Kit in 'Meeting Adjourned'.
High Suicide Rates - Use Mad-Rat's Volatile Mix ability for a total of 100 times.
Tashkent Burns - Completed 'Meeting Adjourned'.
Team Work - Win a game without losing a teammate.
The Cavalry's on Time - Call in Hound reinforcements in 'I'd Do It Again'.
Through the Heart of Darkness - Complete 'Tryst with Destiny' without rescuing the Civilians.
Titan Jet Pack - Use the Titan's Jet Pack ability more than 500 times.
To the Victor - Win a total of 50 PvP games.
Unlimited Power - Harvest 20,000 Energy.
Perfectionist - Complete the Campaign without having lost a single mission.
Power of the People - Choose to Defend the Power Generator in 'Meeting Adjourned'.
Proof Enough - Get the top score in an 8-player game, despite losing.
Salvage Harvester - Harvest a total of 5,000 Zali Remains.
Skill and Savegery - Reach Silver Rank.
Spartan - Destroy the Zali Processing Plant without going to the Akira Base in 'Armed to the Teeth'.
Suited Up - Equipped every trained unit type with 3 tiers worth of loadouts.
Tactical Approach - Complete 'I'd Do It Again' without calling for reinforcements.
Unstoppable! - Win 15 PvP Games in a row.
Vengeance - Destroy all Zali bases in 'I'd Do It Again'.
Veterans of War - Every Unit of the Human Race reaches level 3.
Welcome to the Party - Rendezvous with Aeryn in 'Enemy of the Enemy'.
What's Up Doc? - Save the Medics in 'Meeting Adjourned'.
Wing Commander - Win a PvP game with only aerial units.

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