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Automatic homerun
Hold [7] + [8] and press [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down], [4] on a game controller. Your next swing will be a homerun on contact, even if it is a bunt.

Home run sounds
Press A (air horns), D (whistles) while running around the bases after hitting a home run. Note: Set the Sound FX volume to maximum for best results.

EA Sports team
Right click the team at the season or homerun challenge screen to get the EA Sports team (home run challenge). On the season screen, the away team can be the EA Sports team and the home team. If right clicked about six times it will become the World team.

Big glove
Catch a ball that is going over the fence or make a diving catch.

Huge glove
Make two diving or wall-climbing catches in a game.

Pulsating glove
Make three diving or wall-climbing catches in a game

Big bat
Hit two homeruns in a row with the same player.

Pulsating bat
Score five runs with the same player in a single game .

Big ball
Throw three strikeouts in a row with the same pitcher.

Huge baseball
Throw six strikeouts in a row with the same pitcher.

Flaming baseball
Throw nine strikeouts in a row with the same pitcher.

Tiny head
Get sixteen hits in a game with a team.

Pencil head
Strikeout against the CPU six times.

Big head
Score four runs in a game with a team.

Huge head
Score eight runs in a game with a team.

Pulsating head
Score twelve runs in a game by a team.

Strong arm
Get two pick-offs, caught stealing, or outfield assists with the same player

Small players
Get more than eleven hits in a single game.

Fast players
Steal three bases with the same player in a single game.

Skinny players
Hit a home-run with a player who weighs less than 150 pounds.

Invisible players
Hit three triples by a team in a single game.

Tall players
Get eight hits in a game with a team.

Large players
Hit one home-run in a game with a player who weighs over 250 pounds.

Power-up defense
Make three double plays in a single game.

Power-up offense
Hit eight home-runs in a game with a team.

Power-up speed
Steal six bases in a game with a team.

Tiny players
Get twelve hits in a game by a team.

CPU assist
Score ten or more runs to win a game.

Big League Challenge power boost
Hit ten consecutive homeruns in Big League Challenge to get a boost in power, which is noted with a flaming baseball.. With seven more consecutive homeruns, you will receive another boost in power, which is noted by a pulsating bat.

Bonus stadiums
You can unlock certain stadiums by doing the following things. Note: These stadiums will appear after you complete the game you are playing in season or single mode in the stadiums option.
Space Stadium: Hit a ground rule double. Its easier to hit them on parks that have turf like the Skydome (Blue Jays) or Veteran's Stadium (Phillies).

Island Stadium: Win by three or more runs in Pacific Bell Park (Giants), Kauffman Stadium (Royals), Edison International Field (Angels) or Coors Field (Rockies).
World Tournament
Win a World Series in season mode only (not playoff mode) to compete in a world tournament versus the World Team, the Puerto Rico team, the Dominican team, the USA team, and the EA Dream Team. Note: The teams are listed in corresponding order. Win the championship versus the World team and move on to the Puerto Rico team. If you lose a game, you will not be able to play the other teams until you win another World Series.
Points list
The game awards points for doing certain things in season mode, . These points can be used in the season store to buy new stadiums, legendary players and better player attributes. The point system is as follows:

Grand slam400
Triple play500
Double play300
Stolen base200
Strike out opponent200

Note: Four or more homeruns cap out at 1000 points.

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