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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Type the following codes into the in game chat box:

forcefood - 1000 food
forcenova -1000 nova
forcecarbon -1000 carbon
forceore - 1000 ore
forcebuild - Build buildings and units instantly
forcesight - No fog
forceexplore - Reveal Map
forceboat - Invisible Naval cruiser (press comma, must be over water)
scaryneighbor - Speedboat driven by "lead team designer" (must be over water)
skywalker - Win mission
simonsays - Get Simon the killer Ewok
tarkin - Destroy all enemies
imperial entanglements - Imperial Star Destroyer
that's no moon - Death Star
tantive iv - Corellian Corvette
darkside8 - Kill Opponent 8
darkside7 - Kill Opponent 7
darkside6 - Kill Opponent 6
darkside5 - Kill Opponent 5
darkside4 - Kill Opponent 4
darkside3 - Kill Opponent 3
darkside2 - Kill Opponent 2
darkside1 - Kill Opponent 1
# - Hear Star Wars quote (# is a number 1-58)
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Secret ships
To gain controle of these secret ships, press [Enter] during gameplay, enter the code, then press [Enter] again.

Corellian Corvette - Tantive IV
Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperial Entanglements
Death Star (I'm not lying) - That's no moon

Be wary, these ships are SLOW (especially the Death Star), but they act like airborne cannons, but their splash damage (especially the Death Star) is huge.

Faster Aircraft
To get your fighters/bombers/air transports/any other aricraft to mover faster, type in: "The fighters are coming in too fast" at the Chat window.

Stronger turrets, command centers, fortresses, etc.
To have any of your ground forces have greater firepower, type in: "Intensify the forward fire power" at the Chat window. And yes, there is a space between "fire" and "power", despite other ways I've seen it spelled.

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