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Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat Mode
Pause the game and type:

OOPS - 10 fertilized Red Queen ants
just - 10 queen ants
queen - Additional Black Queen ant
qeen - Additional Black Queen ant
Queen - Additional Red Queen ant
QEEN - Additional Red Queen ant
jenn - Black ant colony has unlimited health
holes - Black ants have more holes
eggs - More black ant eggs
EGGS - More red ant eggs
mick - Reverse spider
fred - View ending sequence
Derek - Yellow ants have full health
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Make Duplicate Items
Hold the item you want to duplicate. Then press [Shift] + [Option] and double click. (Note: Cloning food and ant larvae can prove quite useful.)

Play as Queen Ant
Click on your ant (yellow ant) and go to exchange, then click on the black queen ant. (Make sure this is done inside the black colinies patch.) Reminder: this could cause problems if your queen ant loses a fight.

Play as a Spider
Select 'Change Bodies' option. Then click on the spider to control it. (You can use this option to chase down and eat an ant.) Restore your ant's health Exchange bodies with another ant, then change back again.

Slay Red Queen Easily
Find the hidden passageway at the bottom of the black ant nest. (It will lead directly to the red ant nest.) Then crawl down corridor and kill the Red Queen unawares.

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