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Cheat mode
Press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Destroy targeted itemsmite
Friendly planet runnerscapone
Shiva planet runnerhenchman
Eject from runnerragnarok
Friendly flyersrodrigo
Medium laserratsnest
Heavy laserdingleberry
Rapid laserblipplebloops
LIB packbcua
LB packcgq
18 item packgfy
Rd missileskwahamot
IR missilesfishheads
Hrpd laserbumsauce
H plaskicksomebutt
Kill everythingpyrotek
Nuclear weaponchernobyl
30 mm gunhardcode
50 mm guncurvedlines
70 mm gunbigones
120 mm gundogan
210 mm gunfnord
R minenumberchanger
Teleport away from fire zoneteleport
Successfully end missionimouttahere
Full ammunitionlockandload
New visual effectscleese
Change textures of every botmonkeyslunch
Exit gamestorm

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