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Cheat Mode
Go to game install folder ("C:\Serious Sam HD The First Encounter\UserData") and open file "SeriousSamHD.ini" with Notepad (make a backup first!). Look for the line:

cht_bEnableCheats = 0;

and change it to:

cht_bEnableCheats = 1;

(you can choose 1 - 9; 9 is for developer cheats. Choosable ingame with [Esc] and then [F3] in the menue). Save the changes, close Notepad and start the game.

Press [~] while playing to bring up the console and use the following codes:

cht_bGOD=1 - God mode.
cht_bRefresh=1 - Energy.
cht_bGiveAll=1 - Get everything.
cht_bFly=1 - Fly mode.
cht_fTranslationMultiplyer=1 - Turbo mode.
cht_bGhost=1 - Ghost mode.
cht_bInvisible=1 - Invisibility.
saveScreenShot() - Save screenshot.
Achievements (Steam)
1337 Fragger - Frag a total of 1337 players.
Backstabber - Frag 100 players with a knife from behind.
Butcher - Frag 100 players with a knife.
Cannon Expert - Pierce at least 10 enemies with a single cannonball.
Co-op Beginner - Complete any level in co-op.
Co-op Hippy - Complete The Great Pyramid in co-op with blood option set to hippy.
Crazy Fragger - Frag a total of 500 players.
Deathmatch Champion - Win 1,000 deathmatch games.
Deathmatch Master - Win 100 deathmatch games.
Deathmatch Veteran - Complete 100 deathmatches.
Desperate Fragger - Frag 25 players with a knife while having no more than 10 health left.
Deathmatch Duelist - Win 25 1-on-1 deathmatches.
Deathmatch Marathon - Complete a deathmatch with frag limit set to at least 200. (Frag limit must be reached!)
Deathmatch Marathon Winner - Win a deathmatch marathon.
Diverse Fragger - Frag 100 different players in deathmatch.
Frag Combo - Perform 4 frags with each being no more than 10 seconds apart from the previous frag in at least 4 player deathmatch.
Look, it's a secret - Find at least 50 secrets in single player.
Metropolis King - Complete Metropolis level in single player on serious difficulty without loading.
Nemesis - Frag the same player 10 times during a single round in at least 4 player deathmatch.
Perfect Kill - Kill all enemies in Karnak in single player.
Fragger - Frag a total of 100 players.
Game Master - Complete the game.
Grudge - Frag the same player 5 times in a row in at least 4 player deathmatch.
I am invincible - Complete the game in single player without firing a single bullet or shell.
Look Ma, I won! - Win a deathmatch.
Rocket Jumper - Perform 100 rocket jumps.
Royal Frag Combo - Frag all players in a single frag combo.
Serious Beginner - Complete any level in single player.
Serious Co-op - Complete a co-op game on serious difficulty and extra enemy strength on 400%.
Serious Fragger - Frag a total of 1,000 players.
Serious Run - Complete the game in single player by beating estimated time on each level.
Serious Sam - Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.
Swimming Instructor - Drown an enemy.
Swordsman - Frag 100 players in a knife-to-knife fight.
Untouchable - Win an at least 4 player deathmatch by reaching frag limit of at least 25 without dying.

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