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Nov. 25, 2005
+1 option(s)1KB
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Cheat Mode
1. omnicorp is all knowing
2. keep the opressor oppressing
3. the meek shall inherit zilch
4. have you had your hydergine today
5. kemo city is a nice place to visit
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Codes for German version
Level 1-2: 98645782
Level 2-3: 89962254
Level 3-4: 54185654
Level 4-5: 92146125
Level 5-End: 33289642 Command-Line Parameters
At the dos prompt add the below options after the EXE file you run:


When in the game itself press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[F7] before anyone hits you or you hit them and you will be invincible, no cars on the road and infinite weapons.

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