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Jan. 06, 2009
Jan. 05, 2009
Dec. 26, 2008
Dec. 26, 2008

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Classic Prince and Princess
Go to the "Extras" menu and enter "52585854" at the "Skin Manager" menu.

Unlock Altair (Assassin's Creed) Prince Skin
Go to the "Extras" menu and enter "13372805" at the "Skin Manager" menu.
Unlock Princess Jade Shauni Photowoman
Complete the game's story mode for a skin of Jade, the principal protagonist in Beyond Good and Evil.

Unlock Prince Altair Ibn La-Ahad
Register your copy of Prince of Persia through the extras menu (connect your console profile to

Unlock Prototype Prince and Elika Skins
Collect all 1001 Light Seeds. Note: The final Light Seed is only collectible after completing the game.

Assassins' View
Wrapping around the Martyr's Tower are stairs which lead to that area's feRtiLe grounds. Midway up these stairs is a suspicious looking beam. Put the prince dude and the Persian princess (Ormazd is the light god of the old Persian faith) on that beam for this task to register.

Titanic View
The Machinery Grounds' feRtiLe grounds is on a giant airship. Put the prince dude and the Persian princess (Ormazd is the light god of the old Persian faith) on the ship's prow beam for this task to register.

Highest and Lowest Points in the Game
To get the highest point in the game, defeat the Alchemist in his Observatory.

To get the lowest point in the game, look at the perimeter of the tree shrine while in the desert. Near the edge of the cliff, there is a small room under the shrine's roots. Stand inside for this task to register.

Refer to this rough layout of the {world map} in this game. After you have passed the beginning part and gone down towards the tree, do everything in there that you are supposed to. You have to get out of there. Fight the enemy and start jumping around and wall running. You do not necessarily need to get out of there as quick as possible; just do not die. Once you are out, an intermission sequence will start and you will find out that you released Ahriman. Do what you need to and go to the first location that you set the blue spirit to. Once there, there will always be a medium-sized adventure course getting to the next place. Be very cautious when going through the first path because Ahriman will take over walls, destroy walls, and destroy floors. Once you are past this, go to the first location. You will go through a sequence or two. Get to the tower and maneuver your way up it. Fight the Boss, and heal the place. Next you will see that there are glowing orbs all around you. Collect as many as possible. From here you can go forward and collect more orbs. Once you arrive at the platform, ask Elika where to go. A blue spirit should show you the way soon afterwards. Keep going and you will start a sequence where Elika talks about gears. Do not worry about this at the moment. Go to the world map and teleport back to the temple. Do this by highlighting it with the cursor, and there should be a special button for teleporting. Go to another green section (refer to the rough layout). Going to the warrior one next is recommended. He is not easy, but he is easy enough. All you need to do with this warrior is dodge his attacks, then keep attacking him. Get him to the edge, and a small intermission sequence should start. Elika will get in front of the main character. Start pressing X Xbox 360 or Square PlayStation3 . You should have knocked him off. He will be gone for now. Next, climb the tower that he is at and defeat him. This is not as easy as the first time around. You must knock him out on the side where the door has been opened. Do this, and you can heal this point. Again, collect the orbs and you should be able to teleport to the temple again. Do so, and you can unlock one of the four circular "tablets". Try unlocking the green one first. After this, you can check the world map. Whatever one you unlocked, the areas that it is at should be glowing. Go there, complete those, and get the orbs from there, then repeat.

Easy "Precious Time" Trophy
Defeat Ahriman, then allow the game to idle for one minute before cutting any trees and proceeding to the ending credits.

Easy "Titanic View" Trophy
The fertile grounds for Machinery Grounds is on a giant airship. Put the prince and the Persian princess on the beam at the ship's prow.

Easy "Climbing To New Heights" Trophy
Defeat the Alchemist in his Observatory.

Easy "Sinking to New Depths!" Trophy
During the beginning of the game, after the last combat tutorial the princess will tell you to follow her to the temple. As you follow her, instead of going up the steps continue past them. Look at the perimeter of the tree shrine in the desert. There is a small room under the shrine's roots near the edge of the cliff. Stand inside it.

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