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Achievements (Steam)
A Blasting Suprise - Lure an opponent into fire with a flare.
All You Can Eat Buffet - Kill 10 players without dying while playing as the t-rex.
Anyone want wings? - Kill 8 pteradons with the flamethrower.
Axemaster - Kill a dinosaur with the chainsaw.
Blind Justice - Kill the dilophosaurus that blinded you whilst still blinded.
Boom! - Kill a t-rex with the rocket launcher.
Brain Damage - While playing as a carnotaurus run into a wall at top speed 5 times in a single match.
Carnage - Get 10 kills in a row without dying.
Godzilla - Kill 1,000 opponents while playing on the dinosaur team.
Going Blind - Kill 3 opponents after having been blinded by a dilophosaurus.
Goodnight Honey - Tranquilize 50 dinosaurs.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL - Kill a human that a raptor has pounced using the carnotaurus charge attack.
I Am Legend - Kill 1,000 dinosaurs.
I Love You? - Save a teammate from a raptor pounce.
In Honor To - Watch the credits.
It's a Good Day to Die - Die within the first 5 minutes of a match.
Life Finds a Way - Regain full health after being at %1 health.
Look Ma, No Hands! - Trample 15 player in a single match whilst playing as a t-rex.
Carnage Begins - Play Primal Carnage.
Cold Blooded - Kill the same player 15 times.
Death After Dead - Kill an opponent with a grenade after you have died.
Death From Above - While playing as a pteradon kill 3 opponents without dying.
Extinct - Kill the entire opponent team at once.
Extinction - Be killed while playing as each of the dinosaur classes.
Fast and Furious - While playing as a dilophosaurus kill 3 opponents without dying.
Fetch the Stick Stupid - Kill a dilophosaurus with a grenade.
Fire in The Hole! - Kill 5 opponents with a single grenade.
Out of the Blue - Whilst playing as a pteradon kill an opponent with a peck attack whilst flying.
Pangea Fried Chicken - Burn 3 dinosaurs with the flamethrower without releasing the trigger.
Peanut Brain - Kill 5 t-rexs in a single match.
Picky Picky - Kill 3 of the same class in a row.
Pistolet - Kill a t-rex unassisted while playing as a trapper using only the pistols.
Prepping for Takeoff - While playing as a pteradon do not fly and survive for a minute.
Primal - Get 5 kills in a row without dying.
Pterror in the Skies - Kill at least one of each human class in a single round while playing as a pteradon.
Ptrollranodon - Pickup and drop the same player 5 times without killing them or dying yourself.
Roadblock - Kill a carnotaurus that is travelling at it's maximum speed.
Say Hello To My Little Friend - Kill 3 t-rexs with no assistance.
Shanked - Kill 100 dinosaurs with a knife.
Shock Therapy - Kill a dinosaur using the scientist's cattle prod.
Shotgun Spree - Get 5 kills without dying as the Pathfinder.
Six-foot Turkey - Kill 15 opponents with the raptor's leap attack.
Sleep With the Fishes - Whilst playing as a pteradon drop 'x' number of players into the ocean on Cliffs or Docks.
Slice'O'Saurus - Kill 10 dinosaurs using the flamesaw.
Spray and Pray - Get 5 kills without dying as the Commando.
Squashed Like a Bug! - Get trampled by a t-rex.
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall - Kill a t-rex with no assistance.
Los Cincos Muertes - Kill 5 players without dying on each of the release maps.
Lucky Fall - Survive being dropped by a pteradon.
Mayday, Mayday! - Shoot a pteradon in the head whilst playing as a scientist.
Meat Eating Bull - While playing as a carnotaurus head butt 5 opponents in a single charge.
Must Run Faster - While playing as a human do not die for one minute after having run out of ammo.
My kind of BBQ - Get 5 kills without dying as the Pyro.
My Name Is Mr.T - Play as only the t-rex class for an entire match.
NADES!!! - Kill 2 t-rexs with a single grenade.
NAME NEEDED - Kill 100 pteradons with the sniper rifle.
NEED NAME - Kill a dinosaur with a grenade.
NEED NAME - While playing as a pteradon drop a player onto a t-rex waiting below.
NEED NAME - Kill a dinosaur with a melee weapon.
Never saw it coming - Get 5 kills without dying as the Scientist.
Nice Try - While playing as a trapper trap a dinosaur that is attacking you.
No Wonder You're Extinct - Kill 5 dilophosaurus without dying.
NomNomNom - Regain full health by eating at a carcass without being attacked.
Nothin' but net - Get 5 kills without dying as the Trapper.
Now That's What I Call Fly Fishing - Trap 100 pteradons in nets.
The Devil! - Kill 666 opponents.
The Hunted - Be killed 15 times without killing any opponents.
The Hunter - Kill 15 opponents without dying.
They Can Afford More Glasses - Blind 50 players while playing as a dilophosaurus.
They Never Saw it Coming - Blind an opponent at 'x' feet.
This... Is... My... BOOMSTICK! - Kill 20 dinosaurs with the pathfinder's shotgun.
Together We Stand Strong - Score 10 assists in a single match.
Top of the Food Chain - Be the highest scoring player on your team at the end of a match.
We Don't Take Kindly to Your Kind 'Round Here - Kill 35 dinosaurs in a single round.
Worthless Teammate - Have a score of 0 at the end of a round.
You Feelin' Lucky, Reptile? - Kill 10 dinosaurs using only the pistol.

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