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Aug. 08, 2006
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Cheat mode
Press [Tab] + [F11], then type "buyme" or "byrne" and press [Enter] at the window that appears to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Instant training<SUP>1</SUP>[Tab] + [F1]
Spells[Tab] + [F3]
Buildings[Tab] + [F4]
Mana[Tab] + [F5]

1. Enable this cheats multiple times until all classes are trained instantly.

Cheat mode (alternate)
Hold O to display the cheat menu in the lower right part of the screen. Press [Cursor Up] or [Cursor Down] to scroll through the menu, and press [Cursor Left] or [Cursor Right] to set the cheats.

Go to any planet
Go to tutorial mode then type "ptb6". Then, go to "New Game" and watch the ending sequence. You should now be able to see and go to all the planets in the solar system at any time.

Play demo
Press [F11] during game play. Click a button during the rolling demo. You may then play that level until you finish it.

Low tech version
Insert the CD-ROM and do not allow it to auto-play. Start the game with the <drive>":\PopTB" command line and a lower quality version of the game will start. Note: Sometimes cheats such as full mana will not work.
Quick capture
Hypnotize someone from the other tribe, (Dakini, Matak, or Chumara) and make him become a Warrior, Preacher, Firewarrior, or Spy. He will then become a part of your tribe.

More Shamans
In multi-player mode, use Ghost Army on your Shaman. Your opponent will not be able tell which Shaman is the real one at first sight. One way to tell is that only your real Shaman uses spells.

Killing enemy Shamans
If you have the Swamp spell, cast it on the enemy Shaman's regeneration site after killing her. When the enemy Shaman returns, she will be instantly killed by the swamp.

Protecting Shaman
Play a multi-player game and get the Ghost Army spell. You can easily fool someone by creating a copy of yourself (Shaman), and then hiding the real one on an innocent looking hut. Many people do not realize the real Shaman can do this to hide, so it is a great hiding place. You will be surprised at how the enemy looks, but finds no real Shaman They will assume the ghost is the true Shaman (and spells on it).

Drowning enemies
Cast a swarm spell on a boat or a balloon that is over water to make the occupants jump out and drown.

Slow volcano
It is possible to create a volcano where the lava flows out so slowly that it takes approximately three to five minutes to finish. First, enable the codes to get all spells and buildings. Make a balloon hut and command a follower to build a balloon. Command the follower to train to a firewarrior and get back in the balloon with the Shaman. Go to an enemy site that you want to destroy and use two different non-lethal spells and quickly use the volcano spell. This should create a slow volcano, and your followers can walk on it. Note: The game may glitch when this trick is used.

Glitch: Incarcerated level with no time limit
When playing the Incarcerated level where the Shaman is trapped with a time limit, press [F11] for the demo play and click to stop the game play. Press [Esc] and choose "Restart Level". The game will get confused and use the demo strategy sequences as the Incarcarated beginning. You can now finish the level with no time limit. Note: This will not actually finish the level. If you save, you will not be able to pass the level. The game will save it as a demo.

Glitch: Complete last level
To conquer the last level, kill all the followers of every tribe and leave only one Shaman alive. Then, put all your followers together, then make a volcano to make sure they die. Next, kill the enemy Shaman. The game states that you have won, but do not press [Space] yet. Wait until the volcano rises and kills your followers. The game now states that you have lost, but the level will be shown in blue on the map, and is marked as conquered.

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