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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat Mode
Use the cheat enabler listed above and you'll have access to the following cheat codes. Most of the cheats can be turned of by entering them again:

pkammo - Gives full ammo
pkweapons - Gives all weapons
pkhealth - Regenerates armor (if health < 100 then health = 10)
pkpower - Gives full ammo and regenerates armor
pkgod - God mode (on/off)
pkalwaysgib - Always gib the enemy (on/off)
pkweakenemies - All monsters have 1 health point (on/off)
pkcards - Unlimited Golden Cards use
pkgold - Gives 99999 gold
pkhaste - Haste x 8 (on/off)
pkdemon - Demon Morph (on/off)
pkweaponmodifier - Enables weapon modifier
pkalllevels - Unlocks all levels
pkallcards - Gives all black tarot cards
pkkeepbodies - Bodies never disappear (on/off)
pkkeepdecals - Decals never wear off (on/off)
pkperfect - Finish level with perfect score
bullettime 1/0 - Enables/disables bullet-time

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