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MACLEOD - god mode
DIRTYHARRY - unlimited ammo
BUZZ - glider wings
FRAMERATE - frame rate
PHANTOM - spy on creatures using the [F11] and [F12] keys
GOHOME - resets to start position
THRASHER - show enemy on radar
TIMEWARP - remove mission timer
WEAPONCAM - follows your fired weapons
SINGLETRAC - shows a message:"Singletrac Rules!"
KEYMASTER - gives you armor,health and ammo
JUMPOASIS - jump to oasis level
JUMPANUBIS - jump to anubis level
JUMPRAGNAROK - jump to ragnarok level
JUMPJUGGERNAUT - jump to juggernaut level
JUMPDEAD - jump to last level....
SHOWALL - shows the entire map
SNIPSNIP - change gender of fighter...

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