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Achievements (Steam)
Big Boss - Survive all 3 boss encounters.
Deja Vu - Find your own grave.
Don, Bill & Paul's Curse - Someone died of dysentery.
Fat Cat - Have $1,000 on you.
Scavenger Pro - Make it to Safe Heaven without starting with any food or buying any food.
Silver Bullet - Kill 25 zombies without missing a shot.
Sleuth - Investigate 30 points of interest.
Take No Prisoners - Always choose to shoot your way through zombie hoardes.
The Loner - Kill all the other members of your party while they are healthy.
There Can Only Be One - Your party dead, you made it to Safe Heaven alone.
This Car's A Lemon - The station wagon breaks down 4 times during the trip.
Trade Jose's - Beat the game without trading anything on the road.
True Survivor - Beat the game on hard.
Fording Master - Successfully forde a horde of zombies 3 times.
Grave Robber - Stop at 50 tombstones.
I Can't Do It - Don't pull the trigger.
I Know A Guy... - Make it to Safe Haven with George Romero in your party.
Life On the Other Side - Become a zombie.
Make The Call - Put down an infected party member who has passed out.
Marathon - Beat the game five times.
Night of the Living Dev - Kill "Ryan" at the start of a game.
Overstocked - Scavenge more than double the supplies you can carry.
Penniless - Make it to Safe Heaven without starting with any money or selling anything.
Pills Here! - Use 50 medkits.
Pimp Your Ride - Fully upgrade the station wagon.
Zombicide - Kill 500 zombies.
Zombie Chew Toy - Get attacked by zombies 20 times during scavenging.
[Secret] - [Secret] sacrifices himself for the greater good.

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