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Achievements (Steam)
A bittersweet reunion? - Get all the Mudokons in the level accounted for (before they end up getting slaughtered by sligs).
A Muddy Escape - Beat No Muds Land.
All Fueled Up - Beat the Fuel Fields.
Annoying Boils - Beat the Boiler Room.
Escape the Fortress - Escape the Fortress.
Fluoride Tanks - Complete the level.
Fuzzle Test Success! - Beat Fuzzle Test.
Great Egg-scape - Beat Labor Egg Storage.
Brewer's Yeesh - Beat Brewery to Be.
Cry me a River - Beat Dead River.
Don't snooze on the job - Complete the level.
Done with Docking - Beat The Loading Dock.
Driven Crazy - Beat Magog Motors.
I don't want no Scrubs... - Beat Flub Fuel's Scrub Pens.
Leave the Cave. - Exit Raisin's Cave.
Runner - Beat the Paramite Run.
Sloghut Survivor - Beat Sloghut 2813.
Spooced Out - Beat Spooce-Shrub Forest.
Lulu will be pleased - Beat Splinterz Manufacturing.
Meep Harder - Beat the Meep Herder Village.
Only blood is drawn from these pens... - Beat the Mudokon Pens.
Reserved Row - Beat Reservoir Row.
Spoocey! - Grab the first Spooce in the game.
Suite-ness - Beat Vykker Suites (and the game!).
Super Spoocey! - Collect 600 (un-regenerated) Spooces.
The shareholders will be unhappy - Beat the Flubo Executive Office.
Too much death for my liking... - Beat the Sloghut 1027.
Ultra Spoocey! - Collect 1,250 (un-regenerated) Spooces.
Vat'll do it! - Beat the Hydroponic Vats.
Very Spoocey! - Collect 250 (un-regenerated) Spooces.

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