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Cheat Mode
Rename yourself in the profile meny to:

Mad Dog - All the stunts
Beef Cake - All the tracks
Uncle Bill - Lots of money

1) Create a new profile
2) Type in Vera Champ as your name in the Profile, you must use this profile name throughout the Championship. This cheat will allow you to qualify for the next stage of the Championship, irrespective of your position at the end of each stage. This will allow you to unlock the tracks of each stage and also watch the final \"Championship completed\" video. You will not receive money for these races.

How to unlock the Hover Biker
- You must have all of the stunts unlocked (by having a stunt score greater than 500,000).
- You must also have more than 50,000 money.
- You must select certain garage settings

Additional cheats if required are:
- Rename your profile to "Mad Dog" to unlock all of the stunts if your trick points are less than 500,000
- Rename your profile to "Uncle Bill" to be rich.
- You can then rename your profile back to anything you want.

Garage setting to use:
- Brake Gyro : 0
- Gear Ratio : -0.95
- Suspensions : 0.95
- The other garage settings, upgrades and bike class can be anything, they are ignored.

Gameplay Tips:
- Use bunny hop to launch into the air
- Use brake in the air to spread open wings and start gliding, quite necessary to cushion landings.
- Leaning forward/backward/left/right while gliding (pressing brake in the air) will change the direction of gliding.
- Try racing and gliding in first person view and watch the wings open and move around...
Stunt List
Use these after you unlock all stunts. It helps if you have a regular bike (K=roll forward, L=roll back, J=stunt 1 H=stunt 2):

h+left right
h+left left
jk+left right
jh+right left
jh+kljh+left left
jh+right right
j k l
j l k
j k k
j l l
j left left
j right right
j right left
j left right

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