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Primary Collection of Cheats
God Mode
In-game you can press [~] and enter the following string after the 'Omen' prompt to get full invulnerability:


Looks like the programming language? Yeah - this is trick for the internal game scripting system. But please note that this code must be re-entered periodically because the game doesn't store previous mode while map block change (block changing can be determined if your HDD reads something heavy and the game slowdowns for a while, or just see what you now is not invlunerable and your health value is decreasing). Hopefully you do not have to re-enter this long code - you can just bring console ([~] key) and then press Up-arrow key to get previous command form history.

The level cheats also have to be entered at the prompt:

mdkNewGame(1,12) Warp to Level 1
mdkNewGame(2,12) Warp to Level 2
mdkNewGame(3,12) Warp to Level 3
mdkNewGame(4,12) Warp to Level 4
mdkNewGame(5,11) Warp to Level 5
mdkNewGame(6,8) Warp to Level 6
mdkNewGame(7,11) Warp to Level 7
mdkNewGame(8,8) Warp to Level 8
mdkNewGame(9,13) Warp to Level 9
mdkNewGame(10,7) Warp to Level 10 (Final)
mdkNewGame(11,1) Warp to Level 10 #1 (Special)
mdkNewGame(12,1) Warp to Level 10 #2 (Special)
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Naked Kurt
Type KurtGetNaked() in the console and then mdkNewGame(1,12) then Kurt will be naked when you play level 1. This works for any level that Kurt plays in. Just type KurtGetNaked() and start the level with Kurt in it.

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