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Cheat mode
Hold [Alt] and enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling the "Full galaxy map" code may alter your race statistics. The "Build instantly" code should be entered after selecting to build on any planetary screen.

1000 BCMainmoola
Finish current researchMainmenlo
Finish all researchMaineinstein
View entire mapMainiseeall
Finish current buildingPlanetary buildcrunch
CPU players all against youcanbonly1
View player's current scorescore
No random eventsevents
Random character personalities; increased AIallai

Hidden bonus
Set the system date to April 1, then begin game play.
Recommended set-up
Do not select a race; instead select "Custom". Take some negative points to choose more of the better positives. A recommended set-up is as follows:
+2 Research
+1 Production
Repulsive (for -6 points - you get little out of trading. the CPU opponent always gets the better deal.)
+10 Spying (helps fend off a lot of spying)
-10 Ground Combat (Better weapons are superior)
-10 Defense (Better weapons are superior)

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