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Cheat Mode
Type anywhere in the game:

jjcoins - More coins
jjnxt - Next Level
jjk - Selfdestruction
jjq - End game successfully
jjbird - Free bird to assist you
jjrush - Sugar rush
jjmorph - Morph into another character
jjnext - Next level
jjgems - More gems
jjammo - More ammo
jjfly - Makes you fly
jjnowall - Fly thru walls (in fly mode only)
jjinv - Invulnerability
jjending - End game completely
jjkill - Suicide
jjpower - Power Ups
jjshield - Shield
jjgod - God Mode
jjguns - All weapons
jjlight - Turn on light (eg. in a cave)
jjfire - Shoot faster (type it 50 times to shoot out of your ears :)

Effects still unknown: jjcolor, jjt, jjcpu, jjd

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