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Achievements (Steam)
Bloody Snow - Retrieve the suitcase.
Bullet Sponge - Revive a dying militia recruit.
Business Partners - Unlock the trader Dodo.
Dead man walking - Revive a single mercenary over 20 times in a single playtrough.
Economist - Make $200,000 via your daily income during several playthroughs.
Field Experience - Gain 30 Level ups with one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs.
Frankenstein - Total damage taken by one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs is passes 1,000,000 hitpoint.
German Weapons - Recruit Dariush.
Godlike - Liberate the Temple on hard difficulty before Day 5.
Hired Loyalty - Reach a total amount of 1,000 days in service with all mercs across several playthroughs.
Khanpaa Warrior - Recruit Roshan.
Mule - Have a single mercenary in your service for over 10 days without ever killing anyone.
My wife can wait - Recruit Jamshed.
One man army - Have a single mercenary kill over 200 enemies in a single playtrough.
Peacemaker - Liberate Khanpaa.
Resupply - Receive 10 shipments from Bobby Ray througout a single playthrough.
Self reliance - Witness miltia defend their home against an enemy squad without your help on the worldmap.
Showdown Temple - Kill Jurijen.
Tactician - Liberate Khadwan with tactical mode ON before Day 3.
True Believer - Retrieve the relics.
Warhero - Have one mercenary reach level 10.
Warrior Within - Recruit Shenyen.

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