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Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
MARTEK - Repeat 3 times and you die
CONAN - Lose weapons
SATAN - God mode
NRA - All weapons and full armor
CLUBMED - Full Health
INDIANA - All items
LOCKSMITH - All keys
CASPER - No clipping mode
VISITxx (Where xx is a number) - Level warp
SHADOWCASTERx - Change character class (0 = Fighter, 1 = Cleric, 2 = Mage)
MAPSCO - Map toggle
BUTCHER - Kill all monsters
SHERLOCK - All Puzzle pieces
INIT - Restart level
WHERE X, Y, Z - coordinates
NOISE - Sound Debug
PUKExx - Run script (xx is a number between 01 and 99)
~xx - Plays the track of a CD (xx is a two digit number)

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