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Aug. 08, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Type in the following codes while playing (enter them again to turn off the effect):

GESUNDHEIT - Full Health
TURTOISE - Full Armor
NOBODYLIKESME - All People Hate You
WEAPONSFORALL - People Fight Each Other
ILIKESCOTLAND - Cloudy Weather
PEASOUP - Foggy Weather
MOREPOLICEPLEASE - Higher Wanted Level
NOPOLICEPLEASE - Lower Wanted Level
GIVEUSATANK - Get the Tank
BANGBANGBANG - Destroy All Cars
BOOOOORING - Faster Gameplay
BANGBANGBANG - Blow Up Cars Around You
MADWEATHER - Speeds Up Time
CORNERSLIKEMAD - Improved Car Handling

NOTE: If you save your game while using the cheats you may not be able to shut them off. Also, codes can be entered while the game is paused (at the menu screen). Hit Esc to pause the game, then type the codes desired. The codes' effects will take place once you unpause. This trick does work for entering multiple codes at once, and is especially useful when you must enter codes quickly.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Ambulance Mission Rewards
Complete 35 ambulance missions to get a heart at your hideout.
Complete 70 ambulance missions to get an adrenaline pill at your hideout.
Get onto Level 12 in an ambulance mission and you will get the infinite run cheat.

Easy Fire Truck Missions
Steal a fire truck and begin the Firefighter mode. When you are assigned a new fire to put out, press F1 to start a replay, then F1 again to cancel it. The fire will be immediately extinguished.

Easy Vigilante Missions
When in a police car, enforcer, fbi car, or rhino, start the vigilante missions. Drive close to the target vehicle, and press ESC to call up the options menu. Choose 'Resume Game', and when the game resumes, your target will stop his/her vehicle and get out, making them much easier to kill.

Make Gang Members Stop Hate You
If you want the gang members to stop shooting at you you can do like this: Open up the pedstats.dat file located in the "data" folder (from the main GTA3 game folder) using Notepad. There you will find columns with the stats for all the different pedestrians in the game. Find the lines named STAT_GANG1 to STAT_GANG7 and change the number in the D column to 100. This is their Fear stats. Then change the number in the E column to 0. This is their Temper stats. Save the file. Now none of the gang members will attack you in the streets

Editing car stats
In the GTAIII-directory there should be a subdirectory called data. In this directory, you will find the file handling.cfg, and others, containing the stats for different cars and objects. Here you can change the weight of the car (column A, higher is better) and it's crash damage multiplier (column Y, lower is better, 0 means no crash damage), in order to make any car have the weight of a tank, and take no damage from crashes. The file itself gives good pointers towards which values should be changed, and you should backup any files you intend to edit. The limits mentioned in the file are just recommendations, you really can put in anything you want. When done, just restart the game, and you edited police car will push vehicles like a Fire Engine, and take absolutely no damage from crashing.

Flame-Thrower At Your Hideout
Complete 20 fire mission on each island to get a flame thrower at each hideout.

Police Bribes At Hideout
Complete 10 vigilante missions on one island to get a police bribe at your hieout. Complete 20 vigilante missions on each island to get a total of 6 police bribes at each hideout.

Unlock The Borgine Taxi
Complete at least 100 taxi missions to unlock a new, faster taxi.

More cars in garage
You can fit more cars in your hideout's garage than you are supposed to. In district two, the garage should only hold two cars but you can fit four in (or five if they are small). Park the first two besides each other next to the wall. Then, park each car after that next to the door. Get out and the door will open. Quickly drive the car in before the door shuts. Now all three or four cars are saved. In order for this to work you need to park them very close together.

Custom music
Copy some of your favorite MP3 files into the "mp3" folder in the game folder. Start the game and you will have a new radio station titled "mp3 player". Choose it to hear your own selections.

Custom skin
Open the "skin" folder in the main game folder. Copy the skin "playa2.bmp" into any desired folder, then rename it "playa3.bmp". Open the "playa3.bmp", into MS Paint, Adobe Photo Shop, or another graphics program. Re-color and customize it as desired, then copy it back into the "skin" folder in the main game folder. Start the game, go into "Player Options", and choose your new skin.

Regain health with prostitute
Car jack any vehicle and drive up to a prostitute walking the streets. Stop and let her approach the car, after a few seconds of talking, she will get in. Drive to a remote area where there are not any cops around (a good place is in your hideout). Stop the car, but do not get out. After about two seconds, the car will start rocking back and forth. You will recover approximately 40 to 50 points of health. When it is over, she will exit the car and walk away, but not before she charges you a fee. At this point you can beat her up and take back the money you just paid her. Note: The prostitute will fight back when you try to take your money back. If for any reason you both have to exit the car before it starts rocking, you will still be charged a fee (beat her up to take it back). You cannot do this with the same prostitute twice in one night -- you can however, pick up another prostitute and recover more health. Even though the maximum amount of health points is 100 when you start the game, it increases to 125 after the encounter and remains that way.

Portland: Get to Staunton Island early
In the "Last Request" mission, it is possible to "maroon" the Japanese girl. To do this, look for the closest "island" when you pick her and Maria up. Get to the island and back the boat up a slope. You will hear crunching sounds. Experiment, and sooner or later she will drop off the boat and onto the island. From there, get to Staunton Island. You can cruise around and do everything else except take up any missions or side jobs. Kill Maria or the Japanese girl and the mission will end.

Easter Egg
In shorside vale there is a massive Easter egg. We all know were the observatory is, If you have a patriot drive up the mountain to right beneath the observatory (where the electrical polls are )You will se a ramp sort of thin (hill kind of a thing) Hit it from not the left but the right side of the observatory. You will fly and come crashing down but not to worry you will fall into the ground. If you did it correctly you should se something in the distinct (to your right) that looks kind of odd. It is a massive room. BUT here is where I need YOUR HELP I don't know how to get there. (You can probably go there with a dodo but I don't know how to go up or down.) If you get there you can take the credit for it. THE RACE IS ON. Good luck. Hope you find it.

Easter Egg
If you unlock shorside fale you can see this egg. It is pretty simple but it is still funny. When you enter shorside (from over the bridge) you should see the port on your left. Go on untill you get 2 the sters stop get out and run up the sters at the top you should se a huge statue of a man. If you look on his heed you can see a traffic cone. YES, that's a trafic cone!. You can shoot it down with a rocket launcher (or a tank). I still don't know what it is but it's funny.

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