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Dec. 06, 2013
+8 option(s)3.3MB
Dec. 06, 2012
+1 option(s)274KB
Dec. 06, 2012
+1 option(s)450KB
Nov. 21, 2012
+1 option(s)261KB
Nov. 21, 2012
+5 option(s)3.1MB
Oct. 25, 2012
+4 option(s)5.9MB
Achievements (Steam)
A Brush With Death - Avoid spikes by ducking.
A Flurry of Feathers - Jump or dash onto three owls without touching the ground.
Beattime Story - Defeat Hansel and Gretel.
Harder than Quartz - Complete the second world in Über Hardcore Mode.
Hardercore - Unlock Über Hardcore Mode.
Hypnotist - Obtain a trophy in all Score Attack levels.
Material Girl - Collect all gems in the game.
Microsleeper - Obtain a trophy in all Time Attack levels.
Ruby-Red Pirouette - Collect a red gem while twirling.
Brilliant! - Obtain five stars in all levels.
Citrine Cannonball - Collect a yellow gem while dashing.
Dream Twist - Twist the dream world and unlock your powers.
Fiery Awakening - Defeat Gurglewocky.
Hardcore - Unlock Hardcore Mode.
Harder than Diamond - Complete the game in Über Hardcore Mode.
Harder than Obsidian - Complete the first world in Über Hardcore Mode.
Shell Shock - Bounce off a falling turtle.
Soft Landing - Land on an owl while twirling.
Topsy-Turvy Trampoline - Use a spiky box like a trampoline.
Unconscious Subconscious - Defeat Octor Freud.

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