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The console is no longer enabled with [~] button. It is now enabled with the ['] button to the left of the return key.

coc qasmoke - Debug room containing all items.
coc sanctuaryext - Returns the player to sanctuary.
fov <amount> - Changes the players field of view (default is 70, no higher than 110 is recommended).
getav CA_affinity (after targeting a companion) - Tells you the affinity your companion has for you, most companions max out once they are over 1,000.
getgs <amount&gt - Shows the value of the rate at which the player character's power armor degrades due to damage.
kill - Kills the targeted actor.
lock - Locks a given door, container, or terminal, a number after 'lock' will set the difficulty.
modav CA_affinity <amount> (after targeting a companion) - Increases your companions affinity for you by X. Companions will not register the affinity increase until their next normal affinity change.
player.additem 000000A <amount> - Add lockpicks.
player.additem 000000F <amount> - Add Bottlecaps.
player.additem 00075fe4 <amount> - Add Fusion Cores.
player.modav <variable> <amount> - Works the same as setav however is treated as a temporary increase like those provided by gear, and so will not unlock new perks on the perk tree.
player.modav carryweight <amount> - Permanently modifies players max weight.
player.resethealth - Resets health to full, leaves radiation.
player.setav <variable> <amount> - Sets player movement speed. For example, a value of 120 would be a 20% faster speed.
player.setlevel <amount> - Sets your characters level to what ever number you replace xx with (note: can only be used to raise you level can't bring it down).
player.setlevel <amount>- Sets your characters level to what ever number you replace xx with (note: can only be used to raise you level can't bring it down).
resurrect - Resurrects the targeted dead actor.
setgs <amount&gt - Sets the value of the rate at which the player character's power armor degrades due to damage.
setownership - Sets the ownership of an item to yourself, so you can take it without consequences.
tai - Toggles the AI on or off on a targeted actor. When off will cause them to simply stand in place and not react to anything.
tcai - toggles the combat AI. Actors in combat will not act, but can be killed.
tcl - Toggles no clip mode (walk through walls, fly etc. will still be seen and reacted to normally by enemies).
tfc - toggles free camera mode (useful for character screenshots).
tgm - God Mode.
tim - Toggles Immortal Mode.
tm - Toggles User Interface (useful for screenshots).
tmm 1 - Reveal all map markers.
unlock - Unlocks a given door, container, or terminal.
Achievements (Steam)
Ad Victoriam (30) - Complete "Ad Victoriam".
Animal Control (20) - Kill 300 Creatures.
Armed and Dangerous (30) - Create 50 Weapon Mods.
Benevolent Leader (20) - Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement.
Blind Betrayal (10) - Complete "Blind Betrayal".
Born Survivor (5) - Reach Level 5.
Commonwealth Citizen (10) - Reach Level 10.
Community Organizer (20) - Ally with 3 Settlements.
Dangerous Minds (20) - Complete "Dangerous Minds".
Fix-Er-Upper (20) - Build 100 Workshop Items.
Future Retro (10) - Play a Holotape Game.
Gun-For-Hire (20) - Complete 10 Side Quests.
Homerun! (10) - Get a Homerun.
Hunter/Hunted (20) - Complete "Hunter/Hunted".
Institutionalized (10) - Complete "Institutionalized".
Legend Of The Wastes (50) - Reach Level 50.
Lovable (20) - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion.
Mankind-Redefined (10) - Complete "Mankind-Redefined".
Masshole (20) - Kill 300 People.
Mercenary (30) - Complete 50 Misc. Objectives.
Never Go It Alone (20) - Recruit 5 Separate Companions.
Nuclear Family (30) - Complete "Nuclear Family".
Old Guns (30) - Complete "Old Guns".
Powering Up (10) - Complete "Powering Up".
Prankster's Return (10) - Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing.
Prepared for the Future (50) - Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth.
Print's Not Dead (20) - Read 20 Magazines.
Ranger Corps (40) - Discover 100 Locations.
Reunions (20) - Complete "Reunions".
RobCo's Worst Nightmare (30) - Hack 50 Terminals.
Rockets' Red Glare (30) - Complete "Rockets' Red Glare".
Sanctuary (20) - Complete "Sanctuary".
Scavver (20) - Gather 1,000 Resources Used For Crafting.
Semper Invicta (10) - Join the Brotherhood of Steel.
Taking Independence (10) - Complete "Taking Independence".
The First Step (10) - Join the Minutemen.
The Molecular Level (20) - Complete "The Molecular Level".
The Nuclear Option (30) - Complete "The Nuclear Option".
They're Not Dolls... (10) - Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.
Touchdown! (10) - Get a Touchdown.
Tradecraft (10) - Join the Railroad.
Underground Undercover (10) - Complete "Underground Undercover".
Unlikely Valentine (20) - Complete "Unlikely Valentine".
Unstoppable Wanderer (25) - Reach Level 25.
War Never Changes (10) - Enter The Wasteland.
Wasteland D.I.Y. (30) - Craft 100 Items.
What's Yours Is Mine (30) - Pick 50 Locks.
When Freedom Calls (10) - Complete "When Freedom Calls".
...The Harder They Fall (20) - Kill 5 Giant Creatures.
...They're Action Figures (20) - Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.

Infinite Fusion Cores
Progress up until the point you are allied with the Prydwen. You can pickpocket a fusion core from one the Knights inside the ship (make sure you do not get caught). Once you pickpocket the fusion core from the Knight, he/she will come out of the Powersuit, replenish their fusion core and re-enter the powersuit. Once they are inside their powersuit again, pickpocket the fusion core and repeat. Be sure to quicksave after each successful attempt.

Step1: Find a knight in a secluded area.
Step2: Pickpocket the fusion core.
Step3: If successfull, quicksave (just incase).
Step4: Wait for him to leave his powersuit and go back in it.
Step5: Repeat Step1-4.

Unlimited Settlement Size
While at a settlement, drop all your extra weapons on the ground. Enter workshop mode, and click to store those weapons in workbench. This will trick the game into thinking it has more space and you will see your size actually drop. Just go back to your workbench and add them back to your personal inventory and repeat the steps again until you have enough space to build more.

Early Cryolator
To obtain the Cryolator at the very beginning of the game without ever upgrading your lock picking skill, simply take dogmeat to vault 111 and the overseers office as soon as you get him. Once there, make certain the door to the ventilator room is open, then speak to dogmeat, choose the dialog options "fetch", then "items" and - voila! Watch as he comically waltzed right up to the master locked case and plucked the Cryolator right out, before dropping it on the floor at your feet! To get the ammo for it, however, you will have to "trade" it back from his inventory.

Duplicating Most Weapons, Unique Items, etc
With Dogmeat as your companion you can get him to duplicate most things in your inventory. These include: the SPECIAL book itself so you can max out your SPECIAL skills, most weapons (Alien Blaster, Fatman, Miniguns, etc.) and most other items you have. Majority of your ammo won't/can't be duplicated though as I have tried doing this with the AB ammo for the Alien Blaster and at best it gave me ONE more bullet for it. What you do is drop the desired item on the ground in front of you and have Dogmeat go a fair distance away from you then while in his command menu, have him pick up the item and at the same time you pick it up as well. You have to time this perfectly and when you do, you will have the item in your inventory and Dogmeat will have another in his. He will then drop it on the ground in front of you. Repeat as desired. I ended up with 32 SPECIAL skill books (more than I really needed) and maxed out my SPECIAL skills. Caution: If you are wearing any armour that has a SPECIAL stat on it, remove it first or else the game will glitch it out. For example, I was wearing a chest piece with +1 Strength and +1 Endurance and I maxed out my SPECIAL skills to 10. Except in the skills menu it shows that I'm only at level 9 of those skill points.

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