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Cheat mode
Type "oh dear" (case-sensitive) at the main menu to enable single player cheat mode in the North American version of the game. Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note Type "levelx" followed by [Space] for the European version of the game.

Full ammunition[Alt] + 1
Weapon upgrade[Alt] + 2
Full energy[Alt] + 3
God mode[Alt] + 4
Wow mode[Alt] + 5
End mission[Alt] + 6
Deactivate enemies[Alt] + 7
Helicopter mode[Alt] + 8
Tank mode[Alt] + 9
Speed mode[Alt] + 0
Teleport to safety[Alt] + [Ctrl] + 0

Pre-recorded multiplayer messages
Enter "HAMMER" as a name in network mode. A set of bonus pre-recorded messages will be available during gameplay.

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