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Achievements (Steam)
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That - Kill a boss without using a weapon.
Battle Master - Blow up 10,000 bad guys.
Battle Ready - Fill all 9 equipment slots.
Beast Master - Find 20 bestiary cards.
Beating a Dead Horse - Fail at trying the same recipe multiple times.
Beggar - Make 100 gold from selling items.
Bestiary Scholar - Find 50 bestiary cards.
Beyond the Threshold - Equip entire Oceanic set.
Big Blue Dress - Equip entire Big Blue set.
Blasting Off - Make 10 fire boomers.
Boom Master - Blow up 1,000 bad guys.
Con Artist - Make 1,000,000 triads from selling items.
Cry More - Get defeated 10 times.
Deeper Than it Looks - 5 capsules swallowed by environment.
Demotivational Poster Boy - Get defeated 25 times.
Ding! - Earn your first achievement.
Diva - Take 1,000 screenshots.
Don't Get Cocky - Beat 5 dungeons in a row with no failures.
Eco Warrior - Destroy major earth elementals.
Epic Fail - Fail to craft a ton of items.
Go Big Blue - Create Blue Pills.
Gobbo Stomper - Destroy gobbos.
Going Green - Create Green Pills.
Grandmaster Crafter - Craft 1,000 recipes.
Grifter - Make 100,000 triads from selling items.
Grind Master - Blow up 100 bad guys.
Haters Gonna Hate - Get defeated 5 times.
Hello, World! - Finished the tutorial.
I Never Get Lost - Play the same dungeon in a row.
I'm Ready for my Close-Up - Take 100 screenshots.
Impala - Get your demon on!
Insanity - Fail at trying the same recipe more than ten times.
It's a Trap! - 100 capsules swallowed by environment.
Kickstart - Successfully entered a cheat.
Leave No Survivors - Kill all rats before defeating Gigantuar.
Leeeeeroy Jenkins - Lose to a boss while unprepared.
Like a Boss - Beat 50 dungeons in a row with no failures.
Make Up Your Mind - Answered 'No' to a Popup Confirmation.
Merchant - Make 1,000 gold from selling items.
My Precious - Unlock all equipment slots.
No Level Cap - Reach level 100.
One Does Not Simply - Fail to craft an item.
Quick Farming - Didn't let him teleport 20 times.
Run Away! - Reset a board.
Save the Tatas - Breast cancer awareness ribbon.
Silver Tongue - Make 10,000 gold from selling items.
Success Kid - Didn't let him teleport.
That's Knot Funny - Wear all pieces of Dread Knot armor set.
The Apprentice - Craft 10 recipes.
The Crafter - Craft 50 recipes.
The Dragonslayer - Kill Spark.
The Master Crafter - Craft 100 recipes.
The Puzzler - Discover 10 recipes.
The Riddler - Discover 100 recipes.
The Thinker - Discver 50 recipes.
There Can Be Only One - Kill Spark on Hard difficulty.
Took the Red Pill - Create Red Pills.
Total Airhead - Create White Pills.
Treadmill Master - Blow up 500 bad guys.
War Master - Blow up 50,000 bad guys.
Watch It Wiggle - Kill cubes.
What Does it Mean? - Create Rainbow Pills.
Wiggle Jiggle - Equip a cube pet.
You Mad Bro? - Die to Spark.
You're Not the Boss of Me - Failing the same attempt at a recipe more than once.
Zookeeper - Find all bestiary cards.

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