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Feb. 04, 2010
Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat mode
Hold [F1] while typing one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

God mode<SUP>1</SUP>mukor
Disable opponent physicsghost
Super weapondedly
Large charactergolrg
Small characterbtiny
Enemies ignore charactersilky
Toggle AIaiaim
Limb gravityagrav
Lunar gravitylunar
Kill enemiespeace
Pause game playpause
Quick saveqsave
Screen captureframe
First person viewpoint<SUP>2</SUP>mecam
Enemy viewpointspcam
Stationary viewpoint<SUP>2</SUP>gocam
Expert modetough
Adjust gamma brightnessgamma
Travel to random save locationbamff
Toggle wireframe and shadingbzone
Display sound cache errorsfpers
Enable gourad shadinggoura
Enemy selectntrud
Display protection and damage pointsplane
Toggle palette fadingnfade
Turbo modegmode
Display collision boxescolid
Bill's demo modebills
Falling modeifall
Bounce aroundhicup
Toggle out of world trappingcatch
Immediately quit gamecrash
Pause enemyfreez
Window modewindo
Disable advanced shadowssunny
Funky key modefunky

1. This may also be activated by starting the game with the "-god" command line parameter.
2. Press 1 to return the view to normal.

God mode
Start the game with the "-god" command line parameter.

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