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Achievements (Steam)
Coin Collector - Collect all 15 coins.
Demon Hunter - Defeat Malezur.
Doll Collector - Complete the Doll collection.
Family Tree - Find all collectable portraits.
Fight the Dark - Defeat the Masked Woman.
Genius - Finish all Mini Games without skipping them.
Good Samaritan - Help the village woman open the gate.
Hidden Past - Discover the truth behind Your red eyes.
Ignore the Hint - Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles without using a hint.
In Time - Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 10 minutes.
Jack of all Trades - Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without using a Hint.
Knowledge is Power - Finish all Story Mini Games.
Lucky Five - Find five Hidden Objects in five seconds.
Mechanic - Complete the Elevator Mini Game.
No Pain, No Gain - Finish 3 Puzzles under 10 minutes without using skip.
Observer - Finish all the Hidden Object Puzzles without a hint.
Patience is a Virtue - Watch all cut-scenes without skipping them.
Rock the Boat - Complete 5 Mini Games without skipping them.
Roll Perception - Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than a minute.
Save the Dame - Save Lila Martin.
Superior Collector - Gather all of the collectable items.
Third Time's the Charm - Find 3 Hidden Objects within 3 seconds.
Time is Essential - Complete a Mini Game in less than a minute.
Unmistakable - Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a misclick.

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