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Achievements (Steam)
All-Seeing Eye - Used fifty items without a hint.
Attentive Listener - Watch twenty five cinematic scenes without skipping.
Collector - Find twenty-eight raven silhouettes.
Excellent Snooper - Use the magic compass nine times.
Hawk-Eyed - Finish ten Hidden-Object puzzles without a hint.
History Explorer - Uncover the story behind Morai and the Supreme Power hunt.
Keeper of Mysteries - Complete the main game.
Liberty for All! - Give the troll his freedom.
Marksman - Find ten hidden objects in the list Hidden Object Scene in twelve seconds.
Mysteria Traveler - Interact with eight residents of Mysteria.
Problem Solver - Solve eighteen Mini-games without skipping.
Restless - Complete the bonus chapter.
Sharpshooter - Finish five Hidden-Object puzzles without any mistakes.
Sly as a Fox - Collect all of Morai's mirror shards.
Soul Mate - Save Jace from certain death.
Spell Master - Cast ten spells from the spellbook.
Sprinter - Solve fifteen Mini-games before the skip charges, without leaving the puzzle.
Superhero - Rescue the residents of Mistville from the Others.
Supersonic - Finish ten Hidden-Object puzzles in three minutes each.
True Detective - Finish the game in under six hours.

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